Requirements for latest-generation lighting systems in industrial halls and warehouses

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

An efficient lighting system saves a great deal of money. Nevertheless, many owners avoid modernization – for example, because they’re afraid of the time involved, the costs of constructional measures, or lengthy downtimes.

Industrial halls or warehouses require lighting components designed for installation heights of more than 5 meters. Furthermore, humidity and dust exposure can be major factors when it comes to selecting the right components. Intuitively operable software is ideal for simple and speedy commissioning – and since it can be used while standing on the hall floor, physical access to components installed high above the floor thus becomes unnecessary.

This is exactly where HubSense comes into play: Whether it’s about the intelligent retrofit of existing lighting infrastructure or the installation of an energy-saving, new LED lighting solution using the existing power supply source: with HubSense, state-of-the-art functions such as automatic motion detection or daylight-dependent lighting control can be implemented in no time at all.

Sensor QBM D4i LS/PD HB R

To mention just one practice-oriented example: The QBM D4I LS/PD HB R sensor features a motion detection range of 12 meters at installation heights of up to 17 meters. Thanks to its small dimensions of only 37 mm (W) x 57 mm (L), this sensor is the perfect choice for luminaire integration or surface mounting using an additionally available mounting adapter. And the fact that the sensor is IP54-classified, i.e. protected against splashing water and dust, makes it ideal for both industrial and large warehouse applications.

Why does the HubSense system save costs? Communicating wirelessly via Bluetooth Mesh, it does not require any additional cables or re-wiring of existing infrastructure. Once connected to the lighting system, the full potential of energy-saving functions can be leveraged right away. Settings can be defined, and the light can be directly controlled manually via a mobile phone app. And in the case that adjustments must be made, for example due to changed space utilization or structural modifications, the system can be reprogrammed without additional technical effort in no time at all – simply wirelessly!


The versatile application options of the HubSense product portfolio provide clear added value: You can choose between different sensor housings depending on the installation site. Moreover, DALI standard luminaires customary in the market can be conveniently integrated into the wireless network via the QBM DALI converter.

That’s how intelligent retrofitting works today – with HubSense! Learn more about HubSense