Modernization made easy. HubSense allows cost effective upgrade of T8 lighting technology

Office lighting – Vaudoise Assurances, Winterthur, Switzerland

The existing lighting system in the 500 m² offices of Swiss insurance company Vaudoise Assurances needed to be updated from T8 fluorescent tubes to modern LED technology quickly and easily. Monolicht GmbH, commissioned to carry out this job, had the ideal solution on hand – the HubSense intelligent light management system from OSRAM. Its Bluetooth mesh wireless technology didn’t require any additional control lines or gateways which meant that the existing installation could be reused. At the same time, the lighting system was equipped with presence detectors and daylight-dependent control.


Category: Office
Location: Switzerland
Technology/Services: Light management systems
Year: 2020

Here’s a typical situation in many office buildings: the lighting system no longer meets today’s requirements in terms of light quality, functionality and energy efficiency. But a completely new installation including modern technology is time-consuming, means long downtimes and can therefore quickly become very expensive. Vaudoise Assurances Holding SA based in Lausanne, Switzerland, also faced this challenge for their branch office in Winterthur, but Monolicht GmbH found a clever alternative: “HubSense is recommended as a modern light management solution especially for upgrading existing lighting systems in offices,” says lighting designer and managing director Michael Sigg. This is because HubSense uses reliable Bluetooth mesh wireless technology to control the lights, so no new lines or gateways are needed.

Simple planning, minimal installation work
Since the experts at Monolicht and OSRAM were able to carry out all the preliminary work from any location thanks to the intuitive HubSense commissioning app, installation at the insurance company’s premises was essentially limited to installing LED drivers and sensors for each luminaire. This did not significantly impede ongoing office operations. And the handy app also helped with final commissioning: “Because it’s a wireless lighting solution, the Bluetooth sensors can be programmed directly at the existing luminaires. Lighting scenarios can then be finetuned quickly and flexibly using the app,” says Patrick Ammann from the OSRAM sales team.

Economical and convenient

The people in charge at Vaudoise Assurances chose the HubSense light management system from OSRAM because it comes at an attractive price, includes interesting functionality and is easy to use. “The quality of the lighting now provides even greater comfort for our employees at their workplaces,” says Claude Hediger from Vaudoise Assurances and adds: “The upgrade was easily carried out in just one day.” And energy efficiency at the offices of Vaudoise Assurances is now also up-to-date thanks to LED technology with presence and daylight-dependent control.

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