You will be amazed to see the incredible flexibility of our latest LED module!

Twist and bend this new LED module as much as you like: With OSRAM LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE and its integrated high-quality optical lenses, you will discover completely new dimensions of flexibility and creativity. Because this innovative product is not just flexible, but 3D-flexible!

3D-flexible means that these high-quality and robust LED chains can be bent not only sideways, but also up and down. This allows unprecedented flexibility when installing architectural lighting both indoors and outdoors. Whether you want to use them to create subtle wallgrazing lighting experiences or impressive wallwashing effects, our new LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE LED chains expand your creative scope and enable you to master even some of the most challenging lighting design tasks with ease. Read on and discover many additional benefits!

Have you ever been faced with a lighting task where, due to architectural constraints, you have reached your creative limits when using conventional means of lighting? If so, now is the time to break through those limits: With LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE, even complex shapes and contours can be impressively illuminated.

Made to amaze: LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE

Wallwashing and wallgrazing effects, made possible by high-quality optical lenses, are playing an increasingly important role in indoor and outdoor lighting. This is because they can be used to highlight a wide variety of architectural details – such as surfaces, walls, niches, coves or projections, but also staircases, columns, pediments or windows – in a very special way. This creates entirely new visual experiences for viewers, allowing them to literally see their surroundings in a whole new light. Of course, this also applies to other outdoor areas such as parks, private gardens, terraces, balconies, towers or bridges, as well as creative path lighting.

But what if the shapes or surfaces to be illuminated change very frequently between concave and convex? Or if the contours of the architectural or natural lines are particularly varied? You might have already guessed it: Exactly – that’s when LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE comes into play. This innovative LED chain was specially developed to optimally expand the design possibilities for wallwashing and wallgrazing tasks.

Each of these modules, which are just under 5 meters long, 2.2 cm wide and only 1.2 cm high, is equipped with 26 LEDs per meter, which are strung together as if on a flexible chain. The individual “chain links” can be moved to the left and right as well as up and down against each other. An extremely small bending radius of only 17.5 cm ensures that LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE even masters “sharp curves” with ease and can easily cope with sudden changes in the direction of the linear layout.

But that’s not all: The LED chains can even be shortened to the appropriate length so that they can be adapted exactly to the area to be illuminated. The chain sections can be separated from each other every 30 cm.

Top-quality optical lenses

Another big plus with this amazing product is the very high quality of the optical lenses that the individual LEDs are equipped with. You can choose between beam angles of 30° (symmetrical) or 60° (asymmetrical). This allows you to achieve either wallgrazing (with decreasing light intensity from the LED) or wallwashing effects (with almost constant light intensity from the LED). Depending on the effect to be achieved, the wall areas to be illuminated can therefore be subtly accentuated or fully illuminated over a wide area. Thanks to the 3D-flexibility of the module, LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE easily flows along the contours of the respective architectural shapes. It follows the helix-like course of handrails, snakes around columns, blends into round arches, hooks around projecting and receding parts of buildings and fits into almost any angle, niche or cove. In short, with LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE, anyone who no longer wants to compromise on architectural LED lighting can enjoy maximum flexibility and make the most of the creative possibilities.

The new LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE LED module comes in stylish black color. This is also perfect for hiding the light source (e.g. in light coves or behind ledges), which is requested in most cases. And also due to the very slim design with a height and depth of only 1.2 x 2.2 cm, this innovative LED chain is practically “invisible”.

Download here the brochure

Further features and benefits:

  • Available in three different color temperatures: 2,700 K, 3,000 K, 4,000 K
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours (L70B50)
  • Ingress protection rating: IP67
  • Works perfectly together with OPTOTRONIC LED drivers
  • Optional accessories for extra-easy installation (e.g. mounting brackets, end caps etc.)
  • 5 years guarantee

Application areas:

  • Architectural
  • Outdoor areas
  • Indoor areas
  • Façades
  • Paths
  • Light coves

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