Light in its most exquisite form: the LINEARlight Flex DIFFUSE G2

A closer look at how you can benefit from working with our new premium LED stripes and matching drivers.

Sometimes, a project or client simply calls for the best of the best, especially if the goal is to illuminate high-end hospitality spaces or architecture.

Enter our 24V diffusive LED strips, providing homogeneous and uniform dot-less light lines in an extraordinary renewed design for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Its versatile and refined configuration offers best in class light uniformity and color performances thanks to CRIs and CCTs stability over the product life cycle (L90B10 @ 60.000 h). And with the extended CCT range from 2,400K to 6,500K, along with CRI 80+ and CRI 90+, you get light color of excellent quality, at luminous flux of up to 1,500 lm/m.

To allow you to shape this LED product into the light installation you need, our new diffusive LED strip comes with a wide range of accessories to ease installation, including a bendable profile and plug-and-play IP67/68 connector. And, as a fully customizable product, including bespoke length and pre-molded wires, you can generate your own tailored LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE thanks to our speaking code generator available online.

To create a high-performing system, the diffusive LED strip is best coupled with our OTi DALI G2 driver portfolio. This pairing can provide an enriched experience thanks to the LED driver’s premium dimming features. The high-frequency patented PWM modulation prevents visible stroboscopic effects, while OSRAM’s safe dimming technology lets you dim down the light to a level of 0.1% also in continuous mode without any damage to the LEDs.

Additionally, the LED drivers are compatible with Tuner4TRONIC software, permitting an in-depth programming of any desired functionalities.

LINEARlight Flex Diffuse G2’s top-notch features matched with OTi DALI G2 quality LED drivers result in unparalleled Light performance and control. Choosing this system means choosing the best lighting the industry has to offer.

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