Discover premium diffusive LINEARLight performance

Let us help you deliver fine-tuned dimming functions for your most demanding LED lighting projects in architecture and hospitality. The key? Our system for best-in-class light uniformity and control: the LINEARlight Flex Diffuse G2 and OTi DALI G2.

For the most exquisite and luxurious lighting installations, our LINEARlight Flex Diffuse LED strip is already a staple component. Now in its new, second generation, it delivers dot-free light lines with even more flexibility at any dimming level down to 0.1%!

The LINEARlight Flex DIFFUSE G2’s premium performance is unlocked when paired with the OPTOTRONIC OTi DALI G2 power supplies and our light anagement systems, offering an excellent and complete lighting solution. Together, these components result in the perfect system for high-end lighting projects, setting the bar higher for architectural lighting applications.

When we say more flexibility, we really mean more flexibility. The OTi DALI family offers you and your clients the option to play around with cable length, when planning and installing the layout of your light installations. If your project requires up to 50 m between LED strip and LED driver, this is possible. With verified EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), these LED drivers can be installed far from the light source, making it easier to find room for them during project design or to make maintenance more efficient.

On top of that, the system is easy to adapt thanks to the LED strip’s 5 cm cutting unit and its unique IP67/68 connector acting also as strain relief. This means your installation will be easily scalable and flexible in size, thanks also to the wide range of accessories, including the bendable profile.

Perhaps you’re looking for options to illuminate façades as well as interior spaces? The LINEARlight Flex DIFFUSE is suitable for outdoor applications thanks to the LED strip’s silicone UV and salt mist resistance. It also enables long curvilinear applications thanks to its 10 m operable LED strip. Plus, shadow-free junctions between individual products enable seamless linear light solutions.

Matching this outstanding performance, we also made sure you don’t have to worry about the longevity of your LED light solution when you need continuous dimming operation. OSRAM has developed the Safe Dimming Technology for its premium systems. This means your clients can dim the light down to 0.1% without causing damage to any of the installed LEDs.

We’re convinced that the use of our system solution will deliver premium light quality and control for you and your clients. We’re backing this up with an system warranty of seven years (extendable on demand).

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