Architectural lighting: More than just a facade!

Decorative architectural and shop lighting generates lots of attention and strengthens the image of your customers. But it has never been more important than today to focus on sustainable solutions. With high-quality and future-proof products, OSRAM DS does everything in its power to help your customers save energy, reduce operating costs and protect the environment.

With our versatile and customized lighting solutions, we enable you to optimally showcase architecture and interior spaces. Find out why everyone benefits from the use of these systems in the end. Read on and discover the benefits!

In architectural and shop lighting, one thing matters above all: an attractive appearance through the most appealing lighting design possible. So far, so obvious. However, this is not enough anymore, as customers are asking for more reliable and sustainable products that keep their promise of quality.

That’s why our engineers are always looking to talk to our customers to find out what the market needs most urgently at the moment. With the technologies they develop, they make a targeted contribution to continuously improving the functions, service life and efficiency of our products.

Take our new LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE InGround, for example. This dimmable and walk-on floor LED module is perfect for outdoor use. Besides being IP68 rated, it is even protected against extreme temperatures and salt mist and can therefore also be installed near beaches, for example. The integrated Safe Dimming Technology (SDT), in combination with OSRAM OT LED drivers, also makes the light engines particularly durable. In addition to path marking, the LED module can also be used for facade lighting with wallwashing effects. Anti-glaring elements as well as a wide range of LED module lengths and optics round off the product benefits with a 7-year warranty.

Especially indoors, luminaires should be as unobtrusive as possible, but their light should be all the more effective. Thanks to a cross-section of just 1 x 1 cm, our flexible GINOLED White Diffuse TOP and SIDE LED strips can be installed inconspicuously in curved light coves or into handrails. Depending on preference, they emit their diffuse light either upwards (TOP) or to the side (SIDE). This makes these strips ideal for decorative and effective shop lighting. They are available in lengths of 1 m and 5 m, to meet every application requirement without having to cut them and while maintaining the IP rating. This is how we make shops more attractive in the blink of an eye!

GINOLED strips are particularly cost- and energy-efficient to create a budget-friendly system in combination with our ELEMENT LED drivers. They of course also work excellently in combination with various indoor constant-voltage drivers from us.

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