Enjoy high compatibility with wireless LED drivers (OT Wi) from OSRAM

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

Depending on the project requirements, different hardware as well as a different feature set are required to cover lighting specifications for Office, Industry or Shop and Retail applications. The wireless ecosystems available differ from each other in terms of functionality and useability.
That’s why the new OPTOTRONIC wireless LED drivers from OSRAM are directly programmed for the specific ecosystem use and delivered with different communication protocols, while using the same hardware.

The LED drivers are equipped with Qualified Bluetooth Mesh (QBM) or also Casambi by default.
Other standard protocols such as DALI+, Wirepass or Matter can be provided at short notice on request.
The LED drivers are then programmed and declared accordingly at the manufacturing plant.
The linear drivers range from 35 W up to 100 W and the compact ones are available with 15 W, 25 W and 40 W.

No matter what ecosystem is in favor, the respective wireless communication protocol can be ordered from OSRAM accordingly to ensure product interconnectivity.