Controlled plant growth with OT Fit HC (Horticulture) and PlantaSeed LED modules

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

The solution to this global challenge: using the right light to ensure successful horticulture!
Independent of the plant species, whether tomatoes or cucumbers, the growth and harvesting must be guaranteed all year round regardless of seasons and environmental influences.
Every plant needs a certain light spectrum for optimal growth. With the right light the plant growth can be optimized in such a way that yields are increased within a short period of time. Even tailor-made salads, herbs, fruit and vegetables, as well as flowers are able to be cultivated. With our PlantaSeed modules, we can currently cover approximately 80 % of the light spectra requested for plants.
Energy-efficient LED technology replaces traditional lighting based on high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. Higher efficiency, less energy consumption – optimized operating costs at an acceptable investment level.

The OT FIT 380 HC (Horticulture) driver from OSRAM, in combination with the innovative PlantaSeed LED modules, is a perfect and highly reliable solution which can be easily integrated into most horticulture systems. And thanks to a photon-flux efficiency of up to 3.6 µmol/J, the PlantaSeed LED modules increase the plants’ growth rate while at the same time optimizing operating costs.
In addition to these standard components which are already available, application-specific LED modules and drivers can be tailor made and officially certified by OSRAM laboratory services, including product and extended system warranties.

No matter the plant species: People want fresh and nutritious vegetables, fragrant herbs and beautiful floral arrangements all year round. With its continuously evolving technologies and expert knowledge, OSRAM is just the right partner for plant growers in today’s world.