Wireless 5-channel dimmer from Inventronics

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

Every new lighting installation comes with a mix of requirements that may even be in contrast to each other: different products and operating voltages, a wireless solution but wired local control, different scenes and light colors, standalone or group controls. Our new wireless constant-voltage dimmer OT WI DIM 5CH CA is compatible with Casambi Bluetooth Mesh technology. Thus, all these many requirements can be managed with a single device, making the design-in of demanding and complex installations so much easier!

OT WI DIM 5CH CA has the following key features:

  • Up to 5 independently controllable channels to provide higher installation flexibility for even complex scenarios
  • Colored scene management with different light schemes: RGB, RGBW, RGB+TW, and TW+TW. All these combinations, including the Tunable White light options with different correlated color temperature (CCT) values, can be configured via the Casambi smartphone app
  • 3 different supply voltages: 12V for legacy/small installations, 24V for customary standard solutions, 48V to support the latest trends in lighting as well as for installations extending over many meters. The device automatically senses the input voltage without the need for pre-configuration (only one voltage per type is supported)
  • Best-in-class power levels with the possibility to control up to 240W/channel (576W in total over the 5 channels) with a single dimmer in 48V operation (for details on 12V and 24V operation, refer to the User Instructions)
  • Wireless operation thanks to Bluetooth Mesh by Casambi; for configuration and commissioning, the Casambi Pro app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices and from the Google Play Store for Android devices
  • 1 push button connection to support local wired push buttons (feature to be enabled and configured via the Casambi app)

This top-notch dimmer sets a new standard in terms of performance, improving the already high level provided by the predecessor product OT BLE DIM. As was its predecessor, OT WI DIM 5CH CA has been tested for compatibility with the Inventronics OPTOTRONIC constant-voltage LED driver families.
The overall design shape has been modified to make it narrower (from 42 to 29mm) while retaining a similar length and height of the housing. Thanks to these improvements and a product weight which is less than half of that of its predecessor, this dimmer is the perfect match for linear and compact installations.
The Casambi software stack enables the dimmer to be easily integrated with Casambi Bluetooth Mesh networks, including components such as EnOcean battery-less push buttons, Inventronics constant-voltage and constant-current OTI WI CA LED drivers, as well as the PrevaLED Flat AC LED board portfolio with Casambi technology. This allows great freedom to any light designer and lighting planner to define both scene and group control with a wide variety of combinations.

OT WI DIM 5CH CA: the ideal solution for your flexible and demanding applications!