Warranty provisions in the commercial sector

Valid for Inventronics standard products of the brand OSRAM

We manufacture according to the latest knowledge and always use high-quality components in our products. This high product standard is ensured by systematic quality assurance measures. For this reason, we offer the following guarantee, which goes beyond legal obligations, for standard products sold in Germany under the “OSRAM” brand for general lighting when used in the commercial sector.

In the event that a warranty claim recognized by us exists, we will assume the costs listed below in an appropriate amount that are directly necessary for replacing the Inventronics product of the brand OSRAM.

  • Working time fitter/installer
  • Easy access up to a maximum of 100 km
  • Climbing aids such as lifting devices, scaffolding

Not covered by the guarantee are costs such as:

  • Administrative or sales-related costs for complaint processing
  • Error detection costs
  • Surcharges on further billed costs
  • Overhead costs
  • Additional costs due to difficult accessibility or unusual installation of the OSRAM product
  • Costs that arise due to deviations from the mounting and installation specifications specified by Inventronics for OSRAM products

Processing takes place upon presentation of the fully completed complaint report, the German delivery note for each product and receipts for all costs claimed. Only costs that are necessary taking into account the obligation to mitigate damage and whose plausibility has been proven by the claimant can be reimbursed.

The failed products must be sent to the following address free of charge for error analysis:

Inventronics GmbH
Dept. CQM
Berliner Allee 65
86153 Augsburg

We decide whether the warranty claim is justified. The guarantee is limited to a maximum of €50,000 per installation.

Terms and Conditions

This guarantee is valid until 03/31/2024.

Statutory warranty claims remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply independently of and in parallel with it. Other guarantees (e.g. ECG guarantee, system guarantee) remain unaffected but do not apply cumulatively. Replacement products can only be claimed once under the guarantee and any warranty claims.

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