Tuner4TRONIC from Inventronics

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

Luminaires today must achieve increasingly higher performance while being extremely versatile to meet the complex requirements of state-of-the-art applications. With this in mind, it is even more important that LED driver programming is simple, fast and reliable.
Tuner4TRONIC from Inventronics is user-friendly, reliable, permanently available and constantly updated: simply ideal for programming tasks of this kind.

Designed for the programming of LED drivers, Tuner4TRONIC comes with unique features. And since this software is in the cloud, it is available 24/7, around the clock. Thus, users no longer have to receive and manage updates, which also involved considerable effort for the management of the product database in the past.

Tuner4TRONIC shows the user in real time which drivers can be easily programmed with this software, and the Box Programming option considerably reduces programming times. Combined with a suitable high-power NFC antenna, several LED drivers can be programmed all at the same time, directly in their cardboard box and with maximum reliability.
So the times when each driver had to be programmed individually are now definitely over! Being able to program the whole packaging unit via NFC saves a considerable amount of time and costs. For this to work, NFC technology must, however, be integrated into the drivers.

With Family Programming, luminaire manufacturers even benefit from additional advantages because a much lower number of programming files must be generated.
The function even provides double value: a programming file can be used for the current drivers of the same product family (of course, within the permissible, common current and voltage ranges of each individual driver) as well as for previous generations of the same product family (e.g., OT 4DIM G2 and G3).
This significantly reduces both the time and cost of programming file management.

Further essential features of Tuner4TRONIC are, of course, reliability and security. When generating a programming file, a verification option can be set in the software. This ensures that the parameters selected actually correspond to the information transferred to the driver. Furthermore, a password can be created to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to the drivers. This is crucial because otherwise anyone could modify the parameters set within the drivers to the detriment of the security of the luminaire, possibly leading to liability claims against the manufacturer.

Various tutorials and manuals are available on the Inventronics website. Here, you can also find detailed explanations about the huge potential that Tuner4TRONIC provides for users: a software that is constantly evolving to keep pace with the development progress of LED technology and increasing market demands.

As far as the next development step is concerned, the following question sums it all up:
Is it possible to modify the parameters set in the driver even after the installation has been completed?

The answer is:
Tuner4TRONIC Field.

Have you already heard about it? We will present this software to you in the very near future, and we’re sure it will surprise you!