Touch DIM and corridor function for OPTOTRONIC DALI

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

Smaller light installations requiring additional functionality like dimming or automatic switch off functionality can be easily realized without an extra control unit by just using simple standard push-buttons. All this is possible by using the OSRAM Touch DIM or Corridor function.

Touch DIM – just connect the mains-compatible push-button directly to the DALI driver featuring the Touch DIM function. Simple operation via a short press for switching on/off, a long press for dimming up/down and a double press for storing a reference value are immediately available. Even two different operation modes can be chosen, which differ in terms of switch-on behavior.

Corridor function – easy time-based lighting profiles; up to three different levels may be selected. Light up rooms automatically using standard push-buttons or motion detection sensors by using the factory settings available or simply customizing the setup with the OSRAM software: DALI Wizard or Tuner4TRONIC.

DALI Repeaters

These DALI driver integrated functions allow the dimming and time-based switching of up to 20x drivers with a total cable length of up to 25m. For installations with more than 20x DALI drivers or more than 25m of total cable length, the use of a DALI Repeater is recommended.With the DALI Repeater additional 64x DALI drivers and 300m of usable cable length can be added for the reliable synchronous dimming of all the drivers connected.
Depending on the installation options, the DALI Repeater is available in two housing variants: DALI Repeater LI for luminaire and ceiling integration, DALI Repeater SO for rail mounting in electrical cabinets.
No need for separate control devices by simply using the DALI driver integrated advanced functions provided by OSRAM.