Underground cruise terminal Galataport Istanbul: LINEARlight FLEX and OPTOTRONIC Intelligent provide a pleasant, functional light

Port lighting for passenger terminal – Galataport, Istanbul/Turkey

© Courtesy of Planlux Lighting Design

The new Galataport Istanbul cruise terminal has the world’s first fully underground passenger terminal. The lighting for this huge area without daylight has to perform many different tasks: create a pleasant atmosphere, meet the high functional requirements of ticket sales, passport control and other key areas, and provide orientation and security for up to 15,000 travelers each day. LINEARlight FLEX LED strips and OTi DALI LED drivers helped meet these challenges with flying colors.


Category: Flexible Lighting
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2021

The historical port of Salipazari was closed to the public for almost 200 years. As part of a huge construction effort, it has now been opened up again to the public as Galataport Istanbul. Since then, the large 113,000 m2 harbor area located on the coastline of the Bosporus has also turned into an attractive place for visitors to stroll around. Because apart from a pier that can accommodate three cruise ships at once, it includes restaurants and offices, a shopping center and a hotel, and an art museum. What’s special about the project though is the cruise terminal. Ticket sales, passport control, vehicle traffic, bus parking areas as well as entrances and exits are all entirely underground.

Major challenges for the lighting
To illuminate such a large and extremely busy complex without natural light placed enormous demands on lighting design. A lighting system with daylight quality was needed. Firstly, it had to create a trustworthy atmosphere, secondly, ensure 100% functionality in the handling areas and traffic zones, and thirdly, steer the flow of people quickly and safely, especially in transitional areas. And from an economic point of view, high efficiency, reliability and a long lifetime were important.

The solution: LINEARlight FLEX plus OTi DALI from OSRAM
“OSRAM provided us with the best complete package for this gigantic project: first-class LED products with high color consistency, excellent support with several mock-ups on site and last but not least a guarantee of seven years on the system,” says Korhan Sisman, lighting designer at Planlux responsible for the project, explaining the decision. A total of 2,176 LINEARlight FLEX LED strips were installed in 3,000 K and 4,000 K and in some cases as protected versions.

© Courtesy of Planlux Lighting Design

A complex lighting control system was implemented using 1,287 OPTOTRONIC Intelligent DALI LED drivers in different versions. It balances out the luminous intensity between the individual areas, taking into account the natural perception of light at different times of the day. “This allowed us to increase the already high efficiency of the LED strips even further without compromising on visual and functional comfort,” explains Korhan Şişman.

Success is evident in daily operation
The lighting in the new Galataport cruise terminal connects the different floors and parts of the underground area. It ensures that pedestrians find their way quickly and safely in a pleasant atmosphere. And it also meets economic aspects.

Project partners
Planlux Lighting DesignLighting designer
Anel EngineeringElectrical contractor
Autoban / Norm MimarlıkArchitect
Aykar MühendislikElectric project
Korhan ŞişmanPhotos
Galataport İstanbul Liman İşletmeciliği ve Yatırımları A.Ş. / Doğuş Grup / Bilgili HoldingCustomer
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