The world’s largest Audi store creates a fascinating brand world – with customized lighting technology from OSRAM Digital Systems

Showroom and visitor center – Audi House of Progress, Shanghai/China

The recently opened Audi House of Progress in Shanghai is an exclusive mix of brand world and sales presence on two floors. Ever since, visitors to this world’s largest Audi store have been able to enjoy the fascinating technology, aesthetics and lifestyle of the premium car brand from Germany – not least thanks to customized state-of-the-art lighting control technology from OSRAM Digital Systems.


Category: Industry, Retail, Automotive
Subcategory: Cars, Conference rooms
Location: Shanghai, China
Technology/Services: Light management systems
Year: 2022

Since January 1, 2022, the Audi House of Progress in Shanghai has been inviting customers and car enthusiasts to experience the premium brand with the four rings. A fascinating brand world reminiscent of a mix of art gallery and technology center covers 2,400 square meters on two floors. Visitors can explore exhibits and vehicles with all their senses and enjoy the Audi lifestyle in exclusive lounges or the coffee bar. There is even a parent-child area. As early as during the design stage of this world’s largest Audi store it was clear that the lighting concept must also meet the high-tech brand expectations. That is why OSRAM Digital Systems – known from previous projects as a reliable German lighting partner – was involved in the planning from the very beginning.

Complex concept

Especially with regard to lighting control the requirements were very high. Not only individual luminaires and Tunable White light sources needed to be controlled separately, but the lighting controls also had to be integrated into the general building management system. The light colors in the exhibition space needed to be matched to the exhibits, and adjustments to incoming daylight, for example in the café, had to ensure maximum well-being among visitors. At the same time, the focus was also on energy efficiency and cost savings.

High-tech solution

OSRAM Digital Systems provided precise technical details of its products from the outset, ensuring very effective lighting design. The light management system ModularSense specifically developed by OSRAM Digital Systems for the specific customer needs on site allowed third-party devices and DMX lighting systems to be integrated into the control system thanks to DALI functionality. Even integration into building automation could be easily implemented via an interface. To adapt the light to actual needs, the lighting system was also equipped with daylight and presence sensors as well as a light management system. The result is optimal lighting conditions at all times and considerable energy and cost savings.

Cutting-edge: lighting in the House of Progress

Visitors to the Audi House of Progress in Shanghai can enjoy a fascinating brand experience – thanks to the highly complex customized light management system from OSRAM Digital Systems.

Project partners
Changzhou Oupai Lighting Co Ltd.Lighting designers / Installers
Audi House of Progress, Shanghai/ChinaCustomer

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