Small effort, great effect: HubSense makes a wireless lighting control system easier than ever before

Office lighting for business campus – Garching near Munich, Germany

Looking to upgrade the lighting in an office building in Garching in terms of energy efficiency, lighting comfort and flexibility, the client turned to OSRAM’s intelligent wireless lighting management system HubSense. Thanks to reliable Bluetooth Mesh wireless technology, the scalable retrofit solution can do without control lines and gateways, and can also be planned and precommissioned from anywhere using the web app. Wireless identification of the luminaires by mobile app means they can easily be assigned to individual zones on site. As a result, essentially only the existing T5 luminaires needed to be replaced – and work in the office could carry on largely undisturbed.


Category: Flexible Lighting, Office
Location: Germany
Technology/Services: Light management systems
Year: 2019

A lighting system that is controlled entirely manually would be an outdated solution in any office today. Modern light management systems allow the lighting to be adapted to different situations and work requirements, making everyday work as comfortable and fatigue-free as possible. At the same time, they help to significantly reduce operating costs. The example of an office building on the Business Campus in Garching shows that an existing system can easily be upgraded to an intelligent light management system.

Quick upgrade
The client opted for HubSense from OSRAM – a radio-based and therefore wireless lighting control solution for existing buildings. And for good reason. Because this meant that the existing infrastructure could not only be used without costly and time-consuming rewiring, but there was also no need for gateways or other complex IT elements. “For us as installers, the HubSense system is particularly attractive because we can use it to easily retrofit existing office luminaires,” said livebau CEO Florian Felsch, “… and a nice advantage is that we can precommission the system from home which saves us a lot of time on the construction site.”

Simple commissioning
Commissioning on site in Garching could then be carried out by several installers at the same time. Predefined lighting control profiles as well as simple luminaire localization and zone assignment via the intuitive HubSense Commissioning Tool in the mobile app significantly reduced the time spent compared to wired DALI systems. And because no structural work was necessary thanks to standardized Bluetooth Mesh wireless technology, the office staff were able to continue their work virtually undisturbed and now benefit from better, demand-based light, as employee Felizitas Korbel confirmed: “My colleagues and I were able to carry on working without distractions during the upgrade. We didn’t actually notice it that much. The new light is really pleasant to work in.”

Self-explanatory operation
Operating the HubSense light management system in Garching is just as easy as planning, installing and commissioning it. A facility manager from Sasse GmbH is excited about the options of flexibly adapting the lighting to room usage: “With the new system, I am well prepared for changes in the open-plan office. With the help of the mobile app, I can make changes myself at any time without disturbing anyone.”

Great effect

No time-consuming rewiring, no structural work, no significant downtime for office operations, but instead simple planning and fast commissioning kept investment costs in check for the upgrade in Garching. And because the new lighting system is not only comfortable but thanks to daylight control and presence detection also extremely energy efficient, costs will be offset faster than for a manually controlled system. What’s more, scalability and greater flexibility leave the client well prepared for new room uses and office concepts.

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