Robust and highly exclusive lighting at the upscale Nammos beach restaurant in Dubai

Restaurant lighting, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For its new branch at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, Greek restaurant chain Nammos was looking for a lighting solution to match their luxurious brand. The requirements were demanding: an excellent quality of light, a final contemporary aspect, high efficiency and reliable outdoor operation for sea application – all on a limited budget. Osram LED strips and drivers produced by Inventronics met all these qualities.

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Year: 2019

Nammos beach restaurants have long been a household name in the Aegean. Now a new branch at the Four Seasons Resort on Jumeirah Beach is bringing the exclusive flair of the Greek luxury restaurant chain to the golden dunes of the Middle East. The experts at Huda Lighting, leading lighting solution provider for the Middle East and Northern Africa, were charged with providing a lighting system befitting this spectacular hotspot with its view of the impressive Dubai skyline. No small task. Because of the exposed location on the beach, all the components needed to be extremely tough. What’s more, the lighting needed to accentuate all the elements to the best effect and be energy-efficient. And finally, the available budget wasn’t nearly as high as the demands. Huda Lighting has once again relied on the technical quality, expertise and support of our traditional brand: OSRAM OPTOTRONIC dimmable LED drivers allow lighting control and energy savings, while the choice of 800 lm/m light sources brings out architectural details.

Accentuating architectural details
To make entering the restaurant a magical experience, the lighting designers not only accentuated the architecture but also brought to life the tiles of the outdoor stairs with unique lighting effects. OSRAM LINEARlight FLEX DIFFUSE Top proved to be the best solution for this. The flexible, easy-to-cut and easy-to-install LED strips allow for every line to be traced, and their diffuse light, without visible light spots, exudes a particularly exclusive feeling. Moreover, the IP66/67 rating of the LED lines and plug connectors guarantees resistance to sand and salt water and thus excellent reliability. The flexible units also contribute to generating the intended classy mood in the Nammos restaurant’s elegant, minimalist interior.

LED strips and drivers from a single source
Dimmable and protected OSRAM OPTOTRONIC constant voltage drivers control the OSRAM LINEARlight FLEX. Coming from a single supplier and perfectly matching each other, the LED strips and the drivers work together efficiently and help to create attractive lighting scenes for every occasion. The result is a lighting solution that conveys to the Dubai restaurant the magical and summery flair of the beach. “We received excellent technical quality and great support during planning and installation, with fast delivery at a completely price. We and the restaurant operators are completely satisfied.” said Skander Dardour, lighting designer and country manager UAE for Huda Lighting. “We and the restaurant operators are completely satisfied.”

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