OSRAM’s LED modules and professional support bring out beautiful details of a neoclassical palace

Facade lighting – Diaco Building, Corso Buenos Aires, Milan/Italy

As part of the renovation of a six-story palatial building in the heart of Milan the lighting of its neoclassical facade was to receive a makeover. LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE LED luminaires from OSRAM proved to be the best option for the cornice, the top floor and the loft.


Category: Flexible Lighting
Subcategory: Facade illumination
Location: Milan, Italy
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2022

The Diaco Building on Corso Buenos Aires in the heart of Milan is an impressive neoclassical palace. The renovation of the representative office building at the beginning of 2022 also included the installation of new facade lighting. OSRAM and Hi-Lite Next lighting designers were able to offer an ideal solution for the special design requirements – mainly thanks to their exceptional ability to understand and implement customer needs.

Meeting requirements in all respects
The lighting designers had clear requirements for lighting the upper facade area. In line with their design concept and the other lighting elements of the palace, a color rendering index of CRI 80 and a light temperature between 3000 and 3500 kelvins had to be achieved. The protection of light sources, drivers and connectors against weather conditions was just as important. And, of course, energy efficiency also needed to be contemporary. Out of its wide product range, OSRAM just had the perfect innovative LED product meeting all these requirements.

Professional on-site support
However, suitable product data alone is often not enough to find the ideal lighting solution. That’s why OSRAM’s field service worked closely with the experts at Hi-Lite Next. Considering the building and location details, the lighting designers’ expectations were discussed directly at the building. This gave both sides a clear idea of the desired result and implementation options.

Rigid luminaires instead of flexible LED strips
This close cooperation ultimately led to abandoning the original idea of using flexible LED strips. Instead, LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE LED modules were chosen. And for good reason, as Tommaso Marchesi, Hi-Lite Next Manager reports: “The flexible LED strips produced luminous flux at too wide an angle for us which would have illuminated the surroundings too much. The 30° lenses of the rigid modules, on the other hand, produce the right luminous flux – focused on exactly where we want it to be. This helps us to achieve the desired effect.”

LED Modules, drivers and connectors from a single source
The perfectly matched products ultimately used for lighting the cornice, top floor and loft were IP protected LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE Protect in different lengths. They are linked by IP68-protected connectors and are controlled by extremely efficient OPTOTRONIC FIT LED drivers with 300W output and IP67 protection. The result is impressive and turns the building on Corso Buenos Aires into an eye-catcher night after night.

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