OSRAM LED solutions contribute to a perfect light presentation in the Himmlisches Theater museum

Himmlisches Theater museum – Stift Neuzelle, Germany

The lavishly restored Stift Neuzelle in Brandenburg is one of the few fully preserved monasteries in Germany and Europe. Its attractions include two Baroque churches, late Gothic cloisters, restored Baroque monastery garden and, especially, its “Himmlisches Theater” (Heavenly Theater) museum which was opened in March 2015 and features depictions of the Passion. The Berlin based lighting designers Konzeptlicht lighting solutions GmbH worked closely with heritage preservation authorities, restoration experts and museum designers to develop a lighting concept that meets all the technical requirements and guarantees optimum usability. The concept won the 2017 German Lighting Design Award in the Museum Lighting category. Various LINEARlight Flex LED strips and OPTOTRONIC DALI drivers from OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems provide essential lighting in all areas of the museum and work perfectly with the lighting control system.


Category: Museums & Education, Flexible Lighting
Subcategory: Luminous ceiling/decorative backlighting
Location: Germany
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2017

The depictions of the Passion are among the most significant works of art from the Neuzelle monastery. Their scale, size and artistic quality make them unique in Europe. The “Himmlisches Theater” has two main sections. The historic coaching stables for the monastery house the reception area and the ancillary exhibition. The main exhibition is accommodated in a new structure underneath the former monastery vineyard.

Subdued background lighting with LINEARlight Power Flex Protect LED modules
Subdued lighting was needed for the ancillary exhibition to meet the requirements of the heritage authorities and to complement the historic character of the building. The background illumination is provided by indirect lighting on the pillar capitals from LINEARlight Power Flex Protect LED modules. The LED strips are integrated directly in the capitals. The OPTOTRONIC DALI drivers from OSRAM were installed externally so that no visible changes were needed to the existing pillars. Structural changes were therefore minimal.
The spotlights mounted on the walls at the ends of the vault caps provide the visual balance to the capital lighting and emphasize the architecture of the room. The 30° arm enables the vaulting to be perfectly illuminated, and its restrained design meets the heritage protection requirements.

Subdued lighting with LINEARlight Power Flex Protect LED modules
Linking the wing accommodating the ancillary exhibition and the main exhibition space is a ten meter long “adaptation walkway”. To enable visitors to adjust to the relatively low illuminances in the main exhibition area the light levels along this walkway are significantly reduced. Four indirect lighting strips, also featuring LINEARlight Power Flex Protect LED strips from OSRAM, were planned behind the side panels to guide visitors safely through the passage despite the low light levels.

Perfect staging with white a color-changing OSRAM LED modules
The lighting in the main exhibition area focuses on the three-dimensional depictions of the Passion. Integrated in the support structures for the staged scenes are small LED spotlights, white LINEARlight Flex Shortpitch modules and color changing LINEARlight Colormix Flex LED strips with diffuse light distribution.
Different scenarios can be accessed via the light control system. For example, in addition to the general museum lighting there is a scene that simulates the historic lighting, giving the room special authenticity. The illuminance levels are further reduced and the light colors adjusted in close consultation with the museum management to recreate the assumed atmosphere.

OSRAM LED modules and DALI drivers perfectly integrated in the lighting control system
All the OSRAM LED modules and DALI drivers used in the museum are incorporated effortlessly yet effectively in the displays and work perfectly with the lighting control system. Gregor Sgonina, CEO of Konzeptlicht lighting solutions GmbH, was absolutely convinced by OSRAM’s contribution: “The innovative LED modules and drivers supplied by OSRAM were instrumental in helping us achieve our visions easily and exactly as planned.”

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Gregor Sgonina, Konzeptlicht lighting solutions GmbH
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Andreas Tauber, Tauber Fotografie
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