New for old – HubSense effortlessly turns an existing installation into an intelligent new light management system

Office lighting – Kolding, Denmark

When the antiquated lighting system in an office building in Kolding, Denmark, was no longer working properly, the search was on for an economical upgrade. To avoid major construction work and therefore high costs, the lighting designer commissioned to carry out the job decided in favor of OSRAM’s intelligent radio-based light management system HubSense. Since the scalable retrofit solution can do without control lines and gateways thanks to reliable Bluetooth mesh wireless technology, the existing installation could be reused and the new system put into operation quickly and with a minimum downtime.


Category: Flexible Lighting, Office
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Technology/Services: Light management systems
Year: 2019

The task for the lighting designer was clearly outlined: “Find a simple, quick-to-implement and above all cost-effective solution to modernize our old, ailing lighting system.” With HubSense from OSRAM, they were able to overcome this challenge with ease. Choosing this radio-based and therefore wireless lighting control solution for existing buildings meant that the present infrastructure could be used not only without costly and time-consuming rewiring but also without a gateway or other complex IT elements.

Easy installation, fast commissioning
Using the intuitive HubSense Commissioning Tool app provided by OSRAM, the new requirements could be planned and precommissioned from anywhere. Implementing the system only took one day and caused no significant downtime for office operations. Because all that needed doing was to install a power supply unit and a sensor in each luminaire. If there was not enough space in the luminaire housing, the sensor was placed outside or hidden in the gear box along with the power supply. Radio-based identification of the luminaires by mobile app then helped to quickly assign the relevant luminaires to the desired lighting zones. And last but not least, the system could be put into operation quickly and easily with predefined lighting control profiles.

Flexible, comfortable and ready for the future
Operating the HubSense light management system in Kolding has been just as easy as planning, installing and commissioning it. With the new system, the lighting can be flexibly adapted to room usage at any time via the mobile app. This means that employees now benefit from greater comfort and convenience, and office building operators from significantly increased energy efficiency thanks to daylight control and presence detection. What’s more, scalability and greater flexibility leave the client well prepared for new room uses and office concepts.

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