Inventronics D4i LED drivers and LUG luminaires together for a future-proof streetlighting installation

Outdoor lighting – streetlighting renovation project in Warsaw, Poland

The City of Warsaw required a smart-ready and future-proof streetlighting system that would provide instant savings, limit pollution, and enable fast and safe maintenance. LUG SAVA luminaires and Osram D4i outdoor drivers from Inventronics were the winners of the selection process, providing the city with a complete system that also allows lighting calculations and monitoring.

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Year: 2020 – 2023

The Warsaw public lighting modernization project is the largest of its kind in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. The original goal for the project was to reduce the amount of energy annually consumed by street lights by as much as 56 percent – from 49.6 GWh to 21.8 GWh. The street luminaires have been designed specifically for the City of Warsaw. The first of these luminaires was installed in December 2021. One year later, the municipality could already confirm that they had reached savings of 69 percent thanks to the installation.

Pursuing a common objective
In line with the sustainability and energy-saving goals that many countries and governments have adopted, the Warsaw project had the objective of replacing 43 578 pcs outdated light fixtures with new specialized ones. The main aim was to achieve a noticeable reduction in energy consumption, pollution, and associated costs.

State-of-the-art dimming technologies
To accomplish this, Inventronics equipped LUG SAVA luminaires with drivers compliant with Z-D4i standards. The combination of Inventronics Zhaga Book 18 drivers and the D4i-certified luminaires by LUG (Parts 25x + AUX) ensures that Warsaw residents experience optimal lighting comfort. This is being achieved by adjusting the light intensity according to the time of day. Inventronics OPTOTRONIC DEXAL drivers, which come with AstroDIM functionality, further enhance the system by allowing autonomous dimming at five different levels and full programmability using dedicated software (via DALI interface or NFC).

Sophisticated light management solutions
Furthermore, the lighting system enables monitoring of luminaire status and operating times, offering opportunities for additional analysis and proactive maintenance. Another valuable feature is the ability to connect all luminaires into a single system and manage the city’s lighting from a centralized access point.

Less consumption, more safety
The city’s expectations were to develop a luminaire that is smart-ready and future-proof, providing immediate cost savings, reducing the city’s carbon footprint, enabling safe and efficient maintenance, and facilitating a straightforward and effective smart upgrade in the near future. As a result, the LUG SAVA luminaire is certified with ENEC, ENEC+, and Z-D4i, offering an innovatively modular, energy-saving, future-proof solution ready for integration with lighting management system devices through standardized Zhaga sockets. This compatibility is crucial for the development of future “smart city” components within municipal domains.

Substantial infrastructure improvements
Additionally, the streetlighting system is integrated with the city’s Road Infrastructure Integrated System, providing access to a global monitoring platform that enhances safety, traffic management, lighting comfort, and pollution control.

Holistic approach to a more sustainable future
Given today’s challenges related to rising energy prices, as well as environmental concerns faced by municipalities across Europe, a holistic approach to urban development is of utmost importance, especially within the context of the European Green Deal agenda. Warsaw, with its two million residents, is leading the way towards a more sustainable, smart, and secure future.

Inventronics delivers a broad range of benefits
The Warsaw streetlighting project serves as a prime example of how the quality of Inventronics products and their support, combined with the expertise of our customers, can result in an exceptionally effective and socially significant installation. The installed luminaires not only allow for a scalable and rapid implementation but also offer innovative and essential features, including Z-D4i certification, comfortable and secure service, cutting-edge modularity, future-proof readiness, minimization of total cost of ownership, environmental responsibility, and safe interoperability.

A best practice example for modern streetlighting
The positive feedback from citizens underscores how streetlighting can enhance people’s perception of their city. The Warsaw project sets a best practice example for how cities should approach the comprehensive modernization of their lighting infrastructure.

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