From conventional to intelligent: sustainable street and pathway lighting with HubSense outdoor sensors

Area Lighting – Lahti, Finland

Modern lighting solutions for enhanced safety and efficiency

Location: Lahti, Finland
Year: 2023

HubSense outdoor sensors contribute significantly to safety and make people feel safer in public areas after dark – with minimal energy costs even at extreme sub-zero temperatures. State-of-the-art lighting management systems enable solutions tailored to various scenarios and operational requirements to ensure comfortable and energy-efficient lighting. The modernization of a small area in Lahti, about 100 kilometers north of Helsinki, is a prime example of progress.

QBM Outdoor Sensors: making a difference
Villähde Park in Finland’s eighth-largest city, Lahti, was chosen for the installation of intelligent lighting for pedestrian pathways. The Finnish manufacturer Karlux Oy provided luminaires equipped with LED drivers, LED modules, and QBM sensors from Inventronics. These top-notch luminaires use radar sensors for motion detection, which are particularly suitable in the cold season.

The Bluetooth connection between the luminaires allows the light level of surrounding luminaires to intelligently increase as pedestrians walk through the park. The luminaires are controlled by means of presence detection: when the sensors detect motion or the presence of people, the light is adjusted to a suitable comfort level to ensure pedestrian safety at night. In addition, this groundbreaking technology saves huge amounts of energy: the lights are dimmed when no movement is detected.

With Inventronics sensors, the area is only fully illuminated when necessary. This not only saves energy but also reduces unnecessary light pollution – to the benefit of residents, animals, and nature. Since the luminaires are not turned off completely but dimmed, they still provide orientation and enhance the sense of security.

Intuitive and effective planning
The HubSense App considerably simplified light planning. The area was divided into different zones, each equipped with radar sensors and radio nodes. At the start of the path, the radar sensor on the first streetlight detects movement, causing the first lights on the path to illuminate accordingly. The same principle applies to the following zones and streetlights. Thus, not all the lights are activated simultaneously but gradually become brighter as people walk along the path.

Easy installation and commissioning
The sensors were installed directly on the luminaires and then prepared for the project using the HubSense mobile App. This allowed easy access to the luminaires without the need for lifting systems or control cables. Commissioning was also very fast, as HubSense does not require a central unit to control the luminaires. The installation turned out a great success and demonstrated that all the components can operate reliably even in extremely cold environments as low as -30 °C.

Conclusion: HubSense is the perfect solution for energy-efficient lighting!
The implementation of HubSense outdoor sensors in Villähde Park in Lahti shows how modern technologies can make public lighting safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. Take advantage of the benefits of intelligent lighting solutions and make your streets and pathways safer and more sustainable.

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