Fascinating and functional: LINEARlight FLEX Diffuse accentuates the forms of Athens Nimfon Square

Square lighting – Nimfon Square, Athens Vouliagmeni/Greece

In Vouliagmeni, an Athens seaside suburb, the central Nimfon Square needed to be redesigned with the aim of creating a place to linger for residents and visitors. The central idea of the lighting designers was to illuminate the numerous benches and handrails on the square, combining high visual comfort with a great atmosphere. OSRAM had the ideal lighting solution in store for this: IP67-protected LINEARlight FLEX Diffuse LED strips together with OPTOTRONIC OTi DALI 210 Protect LED drivers.


Category: Flexible Lighting
Location: Athens, Greece
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2021

The redesign of the roughly forty-year-old, outdated Nimfon Square at the heart of the Athens suburb of Vouliagmeni followed a clear objective – to turn the square near the sea into a contemporary public space that invites people to meet and relax. The evening hours and therefore the lighting were also key considerations.

Accentuating forms and structures
For the sidewalks and the busy pedestrian crossings on the periphery of the square, the lighting designers created a continuous and safe environment using a minimalist mast system. On the square itself, they wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere despite all the functionality. Their design involved accentuating the new forms and structures of the square and highlighting the trees.

No light above hip height
“To ensure visual comfort and good visibility, we decided not to use direct lighting above hip height at the center of the square. Instead, we accentuated the numerous semi-circular benches and handrails,” explains Athanassios Danilof, lighting designer at DANILOF light + perception. However, this plan put special demands on the components. Achieving the desired inviting effect required excellent quality of light (CRI 90) in a warm light color (3,000–3,500 K). At the same time, the LED strips had to be flexible, precisely cuttable to the required length and easy to install. In the end, the robust LINEARlight FLEX Diffuse LED strips from OSRAM fitted these strict specifications to a tee. They’re perfect for outdoor use, offer high product quality, a seven-year guarantee and short delivery times.

From a single source: OSRAM LED strips and drivers
OSRAM OTi DALI 210 Protect LED drivers perfectly complement the LINEARlight FLEX Diffuse Protect LED strips at Nimfon Square in Vouliagmeni. The IP67-protected multi-channel drivers are resistant to salt water and can handle direct sunlight. This makes them perfect for the Mediterranean square near the sea. Last but not least, the drivers also impressed the project managers because of their 100% compatibility with the LED strips, long life and high reliability. They found everything they needed for their project in OSRAM’s range. But what was even more crucial was the support they received during the project – a great overall package from the first sample and mock-ups all the way to help with implementation.

Spectacular highlights
In addition to accentuating benches and handrails with LINEARlight FLEX, the evening lighting brings out selected trees. Since the redesign, locals and holidaymakers alike have enjoyed staying on Nimfon Square until late in the evening.

Project partners
Athens CreativeArchitects
DANILOF light + perceptionLighting designers
A. Roussou, P. FevranoglouGreenery Design
S. Venieris and AssociatesMEP engineering
Municipality of Vari -Voula – VouliagmeniCustomer
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