OPTOTRONIC dimmer OT BLE DIM 12-24 with Dim to Warm

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

State-of-the-art LED technology today makes it possible to control the color of the light and the luminous flux more precisely than ever before, thus enabling sophisticated solutions for the most various applications. In private residences, luxury hotels and restaurants, as well as in the hospitality business in general, top-notch LED technology saves energy while allowing owners or operators to create lighting scenarios that impress visitors and customers alike.
Dim to Warm – or Dim2Warm for short – is the perfect choice for environments where a contemporary appearance, functionality, and high tech are in great demand while a warm and cozy atmosphere is also a basic requirement. Provided the light source supports Tunable White, the Dim-to-Warm function not only reduces the luminous flux when dimming, but also adjusts the color temperature of the light at the same time so that the light color becomes comfortably warmer.. This enables a quick change from functional light to cozy illumination using warmer color temperatures. Effects that used to be created with traditional lamps in the past can now simply be triggered via a standard push button.

The following steps must be completed in order to benefit from Dim to Warm:

  • Install a push button and connect it to the two wires provided for this purpose (IN+ and COM–)
  • Connect a Tunable White 24 V constant-voltage LED light source (such as LINEARlight FLEX Tunable White LF1100TW-G5-927.957-09 L2) to the dimmer output channels; mind the polarity
  • Connect a standard LED driver, ON/OFF, 24 V DC constant voltage, to the dimmer input channels; make sure that the power fed in is sufficiently high for the light source selected and that the limits supported by the dimmer (e.g. OT SLIM 160/220-240/24) are observed

After completing the installation:

  • If not already done, load the Casambi app from the App Store onto your smartphone (both Android and Apple devices are supported).
  • To add OT BLE DIM 12-24 to a new or an existing Casambi network, first select the “OT BLE DimToWarm” profile. Only afterwards can the device be integrated into a Casambi network.
  • Navigate to the “Luminaire selection” section and tap on the “OT BLE DIM” icon to get to the “Properties” page.
  • A new screen opens.
  • In the “Push Buttons” section, tap on “Controls a luminaire” in order to activate the Dim-to-Warm function.

Once the configuration has been completed, you can perform the following actions by pushing the button in the closing contact mode:

  • Switching luminaires ON and OFF
  • Dim the light, with automatic adjustment of color temperature for comfortable light

OT BLE DIM and Tunable White LED strips are the perfect one-stop-shop solution: installing and controlling state-of-the-art lighting applications with the right light temperature has never been easier!

OPTOTRONIC OT BLE DIM 12-24 is a dimmer that is based on the Casambi Bluetooth lighting control technology and supports Dim-to-Warm scenarios in the corresponding application (in addition to numerous integrated functions).

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