Versatile, compact systems with just three different LED drivers

Optimized stock range thanks to high flexibility: ICUTRONIC FIT CS and FIT CS I

Versatile lighting options are in great demand in modern shops, retail outlets, and offices. ICUTRONIC FIT CS and FIT CS I, our compact SELV constant-current LED drivers, provide numerous design-in options for luminaire manufacturers. Depending on individual requirements, the drivers can be installed directly inside the luminaire or also independently by means of a cable clamp. The 20, 30, and 40 watt watt versions provide eight output currents each via DIP switches, which means that a total of 24 system solutions are at your disposal. Identical geometries simplify the design of luminaires without restriction with regard to versatility. A perfect power level can thus be provided for each project in an uncomplicated way while at the same time this allows for optimization of inventory management.

These drivers perform at their best when combined with our PrevaLED COIN and PrevaLED CORE CoB LED spotlights to form a powerful system. The low ripple current of less than 3% ensures high lighting quality. These state-of-the-art drivers are ideal for light tracks and downlights, as well as for ceiling-mounted luminaires.

Benefit from maximum user friendliness, flexibility, and versatility to design your perfect lighting system – with ICUTRONIC FIT CS and FIT CS I from OSRAM!