Track systems made elegant by compact components

Perfectly tailored: PrevaLED COIN with OTi DALI NFC Track or wirelessly controlled OT Wi NFC Track

In line with the current trend toward the miniaturization of lighting components and luminaires, OSRAM offers highly compact, efficient, and powerful systems – for attractive lighting in shops, supermarkets, and offices. The OTi DALI 40 NFC Track LED driver is a prime example: No more than 205 mm long, it is the perfect choice for use in light track systems equipped with LED spotlights or downlights in combination with e.g. PrevaLED COIN. This driver is available in white, black, and gray and compatible with most track systems. And thanks to its extra-slim design, a significantly larger number of LED spotlights and downlights can be installed next to each other.
OT Wi NFC BL Track, only 195 mm long, comes with similar features: This top-notch LED driver is controlled wirelessly by the OSRAM HubSense system based on QBM. Just like OT Wi NFC CA Track equipped with the Casambi protocol, it enables the setup of wireless communication networks. Both LED drivers achieve excellent lighting quality thanks to their low output ripple current.

Develop compact lighting systems that reliably deliver high performance and excellent lighting quality spot on!