The right light, always at your fingertips

Our new DALI-2-certified dimmer PCU TW G2, now with Tunable White feature

Finding the optimal lighting profile for any situation can not only significantly improve human well-being, but also the way we work and study. In areas such as offices and education, adjusting the color temperature of light sources helps employees and students to focus on their tasks and prevents premature tiredness. In shop and retail environments, balancing cool and warm white light brings out the best aspects of the merchandise and enhances the shopping experience. And in the hospitality sector, dimming the light to just the right level creates a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere where guests can relax and enjoy their stay to the fullest.
With the new DALI dimmer PCU TW G2, OSRAM provides a quick-to-install, user-friendly solution that makes manually adjusting light as easy as it gets. This pushbutton control unit (PCU) is DALI-2-certified and, in addition to the dimming function of the first-generation device, now comes with the Tunable White feature. This means that both the intensity and the color temperature of white light can always be set to the optimal level in any given situation, making the PCU TW G2 a real 2-in-1 solution.

Special use case: Meeting room with partition wall
Rooms with partition walls have always been a challenge in terms of lighting control. With DALI PCU that’s an easy thing to do: As long as the partition wall is closed the lighting can be controlled independently in each partitioned room. Once the wall is opened, the PCUs synchronize with each other automatically – enabling the control of the entire room lighting from each point of control.

Further features and benefits:

  • Connectable to standard pushbuttons
  • Can control 25 standard or Tunable White DALI LED drivers
  • Each active powered DALI PCU TW G2 control unit provides 52 mA for the DALI line
  • Up to four active controllers can be connected (max. 100 drivers connectable)
  • All commands are sent as broadcast commands (no addressing of the DALI drivers needed)
  • Supports standard DALI and DALI DT8 (TW) drivers
  • Real plug-and-play solution: PCU TW G2 works out of the box

Would you like to know how to install the PCU in a flush mounting box? Or how to adjust brightness and color temperature via pushbuttons?