Stronger light, longer guarantee: Our new BackLED CX G5 LED chain

Powerful lighting for lightboxes, channel letters and backlit ceilings

As your OSRAM team we satisfy the high demands of today’s lighting market with passion and great commitment. With our innovations, we ensure that, with each new generation, our products become even more powerful, versatile, efficient and user-friendly – or, in a nutshell: always that one step better that makes a difference. A very good example of this is our new BackLED CX G5 LED chain, which was developed primarily for the signage sector but can also be used in luminous ceilings. The CX in the product name stands for Core Xperience – because these light sources really do make a strong impression, even at a great distance.

Each BackLED CX G5 LED chain (available in size M and in size L) consists of 20 individual LED modules that are connected to each other via flexible cables. This enables optimum distribution of the light output, for example when backlighting outdoor lightboxes, but especially when designing backlit channel letters. The individual LED modules, in turn, are each fitted with three powerful LEDs. For Generation 5, the luminous flux for the L-sized LED module has been increased to 162 lm. This allows a luminous flux of up to 3240 lm for the entire chain. But that’s not all, because there is also a wide range of color temperatures to choose from – from Warm White (3000 K) to Neutral White (4000 K) and Cool White (6500 and 8000 K) to Ultra-Cool White (10000 K).
BackLED L CX G5 is the replacement for OSRAM’s BackLED L CP G4 LED chain. The G5 device offers 5 years OSRAM Guarantee.

Key features and benefits:

  • 12 V LED modules for backlighting applications
  • Flat Ray lens technology with a beam angle of 160°
  • Uniform light pattern design for 80-300 mm lightbox depth
  • LED module pitch variable between 80 ~ 300 mm
  • Compatible with OSRAM OPTOTRONIC 12 V constant-voltage LED drivers and dimmers
  • Color consistency of 3 SDCM, color rendering index CRI 80
  • Lifetime: 50000 hours (L70B50, at tc 80 °C)
  • Ingress protection rating: IP66
  • Dimmable

Learn more about our new BackLED CX G5 LED chains in the product catalog.