Strong commitment to sustainability and circular economy 

Find out why Inventronics is an active member of the Zhaga Consortium

A basic prerequisite for a functioning circular economy is the development of products that are future-proof, upgradeable, easy to maintain and easy to repair – for example, by simply replacing individual components. That’s why Inventronics is a highly committed member of Zhaga. Launched in 2010, Zhaga is a global lighting industry consortium.

As explained by our colleague Francesco Martini, chair of the Zhaga Steering Committee and Task Force Circularity, its mission is to standardize the interfaces of LED luminaire components and to develop solutions that meet key circular economy targets. Inventronics, including the former OSRAM Digital Systems, continues to define Zhaga objectives through its active role in various Zhaga Committees. Moreover, thanks to our extensive market knowledge and understanding of our customers’ needs, we are able to contribute to the definition of sustainable and future-proof solutions.

Among our most recently Zhaga-certified products are the OSRAM OPTOTRONIC DEXAL and OSRAM OPTOTRONIC 4DIM G3 LED driver families for outdoor luminaires, which both achieved certification according to Zhaga Books 24 and 25 with their NFC interface that allows the configuration during luminaire manufacturing or in the field.

Another achievement for us was the first product family of sensors and connectivity modules to achieve Zhaga-D4i certification according to Zhaga Book 20. We strongly believe that, also in the future, our solutions will ensure the lasting success of a sustainable circular economy. Or, in a nutshell, you could say we are a member of the Zhaga Consortium because we take “Building a Brighter Future” seriously.

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