Relux light planning software now with OSRAM sensors

The easy way to calculate and document the necessary number of presence and motion detectors

In addition to its popular light planning software, Relux offers a special module for the dimensioning of areas to be monitored by sensors. With energy prices rising rapidly, energy-saving sensor technology is gaining more and more in importance. Considering the savings these modern sensors generate, they pay off within a short time. Via the sensor plug-in, planners can now also include OSRAM sensors into their project planning.

Our DALI-2 sensors are compatible with the light and building management systems of various manufacturers. The sensors are shown directly when integrating them into the floor plan. The perfect position and the optimal number of sensors can thus be conveniently determined. And using the reporting function, the planning can be documented in no time at all. To learn more about our sensors in the Relux software, watch our video.

Determining the correct dimensions of monitoring areas is now easier than ever – with OSRAM sensors and Relux planning software.