Prestigious label: “Particularly environment-friendly”

OSRAM DS is the world’s first company to present LED drivers made from 80 % recycled plastic

Encouraging the use of resource-saving production materials is a key social objective – and also an important economic objective for OSRAM DS. Not only does it have a positive impact on our environmental balance – it also improves the products’ acceptance by our customers. When developing new products, we therefore attach particular importance to maximum sustainability right from the start. The LED drivers we developed just recently are a prime example. In line with the principles of a circular economy, they are made from 80 % recycled plastic! OSRAM DS is the first company worldwide to manufacture such drivers.

Our products OPTOTRONIC FIT 7 CS PC, OPTOTRONIC FIT 14 CS PC, and ICUTRONIC DALI 12 CS will take the lead in bearing the “80 % recycled plastic” label. They are expected to come onto the market during the first half of 2023. It took eight months from the first idea to market maturity. In fact, numerous tests had to be run in order to ensure that the material fulfills strict requirements, for example in terms of temperature resistance and mechanical resilience. And: We were able to guarantee such high standards with an 80 % proportion of recycled materials. Our goal for the future is to manufacture as many products as possible from this material while at the same time exploring whether the proportion of recycled materials can even be increased. Thus, we are making a significant contribution to closing material loops.

By the way: The idea for these new drivers with a housing made from recycled plastic originates from the British luminaire manufacturer Orluna, whose declared goal it is to break new ground in terms of sustainable luminaire design. Therefore, we developed the OPTOTRONIC FIT 12 PC exclusively for, and in close cooperation with, our partner: another LED driver which is entitled to bear the “80 % recycled plastic” label!

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