New linear indoor LED driver generation

OPTOTRONIC intelligent DALI Constant Voltage (CV) G3: numerous improvements, even more advantages

With generation 3 of the OTi DALI constant-voltage LED driver family, OSRAM once again demonstrates its commitment to developing solutions that meet the ever-growing demands of end customers.
With their latest properties, these new, slim, DALI-2-certified devices cover a very wide range of applications. For example, all the devices, whether in the 1-, 2- or 4-channel version, are equipped with our Safe Dimming Technology (SDT), making the drivers particularly suitable for frequent operation in dimming mode.

Here is an overview of some of the most important innovations:

Completely new: DALI-2 RGBW color control under DT8 conditions
With OTi DALI CV multi-channel devices of generation 2, DALI-2 DT8 operation was only possible with Tunable White applications. However, with the new generation of LED drivers, it is now possible to operate RGBW color control with only one DALI address for four channels – instead of having to use one address for each channel.

Cable lengths of up to 50 m are still possible, the dimming range remains at 0.1…100 %
In September 2022, the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) standard was tightened. However, with the generation 3 drivers – thanks to their new product design and a specific internal shielding – we were able to further reduce EMI and thus retain this unique selling point, making cable lengths of up to 50 m possible again. The dimming range of 0.1…100 % could also be maintained.

Dim-to-Warm as DALI functionality with only one address
With generation 2 devices, the Dim-to-Warm function was only possible via pushbutton control or TouchDIM, but not via DALI. Now, with the new generation 3 LED drivers, Dim-to-Warm functionality can also be performed via DALI on TW LED modules, using only a single address for two outputs (Warm White and Cool White).

Check out our e-catalog to learn more about the many technical possibilities of this versatile indoor LED driver family.