LightingDesigner 2.0 now live 

Are you seeking for the most efficient Inventronics System Solution of LED Modules and LED Drivers – then our new online calculation tool for LED Professionals is what you want

We have launched a completely new version of our popular LightingDesigner tool, tailored for professionals seeking the most efficient Inventronics System Solution of LED Modules and LED Drivers for their desired lumen output. This new developed version introduces several advanced features designed to streamline the configuration process and enhance user experience.

The new LightingDesigner tool boasts a comprehensive, one-spot dashboard, allowing users to configure various setup values and receive immediate results. This feature ensures that professionals can quickly and efficiently determine the optimal configurations for their specific needs.

Key features of the updated tool include:

  • All Module Types Included: The tool supports all module types form our portfolio, providing flexibility and broad compatibility for diverse project requirements.
  • Custom Configuration Options: Users can configure individual setups based on lumen output, current and efficiency, ensuring precise customization for specific lighting needs.
  • Detailed Technical Overview: The tool offers an in-depth overview of technical results, including calculated System efficiency, LED Driver Operating Window, Wiring of Modules and Driver – helping users make informed decisions.
  • Custom Inputs for LED Drivers: Professionals can input custom values to identify the best LED driver solutions independently, facilitating targeted and efficient selection.
  • Email Forwarding: The LightingDesigner tool now includes an option to save and to forward the configuration results via email, making it easier to share and collaborate on lighting designs.