Ideal combination for atmospheric lighting

Technically brilliant: OPTOTRONIC phase-cut LED drivers and TEC Flex LED modules

In decorative indoor lighting, technical performance plays an important role alongside visual elegance. OT FIT 24 V PC LED drivers and TEC Flex LED modules combine cost efficiency with high performance in the creation of elegant lighting scenes. The phase-cut drivers with 36, 75 and 150 W are perfectly matched to the flexible LED strips, which are available in different color temperatures. The Shortpitch modules in particular achieve very homogeneous light lines due to the small LED pitch and are quickly installed via plug-and-play thanks to prewiring. This is complemented by the qualities of the constant-voltage drivers: precise dimming and easy control with the highest quality of light. This system creates scope for creative and technically sophisticated lighting design.

Rely on our duo for ambitious projects: phase-cut LED drivers and TEC Flex LED modules from OSRAM!

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