Energy-saving lighting now made easier and more cost-efficient than ever before

With the OSENZA Office G2 switch sensor for motion and ambient light detection

Whether in offices, corridors, storage rooms, or residential buildings: controlling luminaires to save as much energy as possible is the need of the hour in today’s world. The OSENZA Office G2 indoor switch sensor from OSRAM is an extra-slim, cost-efficient and easy-to-configure device intended for LED luminaires. Depending on the delay time, motion sensitivity and ambient light levels, the sensor switches the light ON or OFF.
The extra-flat housing (just 26 mm high) adds to the surface-mounted sensor’s elegant design. Presence control via PIR detection only, combined presence and ambient lighting control, as well as ambient lighting control only are possible.

Presence detection covers a height of up to 4 meters whereas motion detection covers a diameter of up to 9 meters. The switching threshold for the light sensor is between 10 and 1000 lx.
Save energy by controlling your lighting in an intelligent way, including even simple ON/OFF luminaires – with OSENZA Office G2!