Embracing the Future: Phasing Out Traditional ECGs and the Complete Lamp Portfolio at Inventronics (formerly OSRAM Digital Systems)

Today, we want to share a significant milestone in our journey as a lighting industry pioneer. After much consideration, reflection, and innovation, Inventronics (formerly OSRAM Digital Systems) has made the decision to gradually phase out the traditional Electronic Control Gears (ECGs) and lamp portfolio in our product line. While bidding farewell to this integral part of our history, we eagerly embrace a future that is even brighter, more efficient, and sustainable.
For decades, OSRAM, OSRAM Digital Systems – now Inventronics – has been at the forefront of lighting technology, delivering ground-breaking solutions that have illuminated countless spaces and improved the lives of millions. The traditional ECGs and lamps have played an essential role in our success, enabling us to achieve unparalleled performance and reliability in our lighting fixtures. We owe a great debt of gratitude to this technology that has served us so well over the years.
However, as the world rapidly evolves and new possibilities emerge, it is crucial for us to adapt and embrace the cutting-edge innovations that will shape the future of lighting. Our decision to phase out the traditional portfolio reflects our unwavering commitment to progress and sustainability, together with the obsolescence of certain components for which redesign is not viable. By doing so, we are opening doors to a host of alternative technologies and solutions that will revolutionize the lighting industry and set new standards.
We understand that this news may be met with mixed emotions, especially since it involves saying goodbye to familiar technologies, and we will do our best to make this transition as smooth as possible. We strongly advise you to anticipate your demand for these products and place your orders in a timely manner. To support you in this task, please refer to the download, reporting the list of products with their corresponding phase-out terms.
We remain dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products, exceptional service, and comprehensive support throughout this transition and beyond. Our expert sales team is readily available to assist you in this process and guide you through our new product offerings, highlighting the numerous advantages they bring to your lighting projects.
As we continue our transformative journey, we invite you to celebrate the legacy of traditional ECGs and lamps alongside us. Together, let us honour the significant contributions these components have made to OSRAM’s rich history while embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.
Thank you for your continued trust in us! We look forward to an exciting future illuminated by innovation, sustainability, and shared success.