Cost-efficient lighting without the need for additional optics or diffusers

PrevaLED Linear OP and Basic Linear OP: flat LED modules for elegant luminaires

Glare-free, homogeneous lighting is essential for concentrated, fatigue-free working over many hours. Homogeneous, pleasant light is thus of great importance, and even more so in offices, public facilities and educational institutions, as well as in retail outlets. As a general rule, optics and diffusers are indispensable to achieve such a lighting effect. But with PrevaLED Linear OP and Basic Linear OP, you require a much smaller number of optics and diffusers because optics are already installed on the LED chips. Thanks to their small dimensions, these LED modules enable extremely flat and elegant luminaire designs, especially when used in surface-mounted and pendant luminaires. Both of these innovative product ranges provide high lighting quality and great freedom of design for the planning of visually appealing lighting systems.

Create the perfect working atmosphere – with our cost-optimized LED modules!