More DALI drivers at circuit breaker – Up to 24 updated linear DALI drivers can be used with a typical MCB 16 A

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

The replacement of fluorescent with LED fittings is only possible when the inrush current of the installed MCBs is not higher than before. With the updated linear DALI drivers, OSRAM makes it possible to use up to 24 DALI drivers on a typical MCB 16 A. Since inrush currents are significantly reduced with the linear non-isolated DALI drivers, up to 80 % more DALI drivers can be used with a MCB 16 A, type B.

Product descriptionMax. driver no. on circuit breaker 16 A (B)
OTi DALI 35/220…240/400 D LT2 L28
OTi DALI 60/220…240/550 D LT2 L24
OTi DALI 90/220…240/1A0 LT2 L19

The factors mentioned can be used for OSRAM drivers. The reference value 1.0 = 100 % is the named value for the 16 A- B-type of MCB, for example: 24 OTi DALI 60. The specified loading applies to a line impedance of 800 mOhm (corresponding to a 15 m long cable with a diameter of 1.5 mm2) from the distribution board to the first luminaire and a further distance of 20 m to the middle of the circuit. At a line impedance of 400 mOhm, the permitted values are reduced by 10 % and by 20 % with 200 mOhm.

MCB typeRelative number of LED-drivers
B 0638 %
B 1063 %
B 13                  82 %
B 16                100 %
B 20                 125 %
C 06                   63 %
C 10                  105 %
C 13                  137 %
C 16                  168 %
C 20                  210 %

Circuit breaker design: The specified loading is for single-pole circuit breakers. When multi-pole circuit breakers (2- or 3-pole) are used, the number of permitted luminaires is reduced by 20 %. If there is a different line impedance in reality, this must be considered when choosing products from the list above.

Beside a lower inrush current, OTi DALI window drivers also have the following features:

  • high efficacy
  • slim design
  • mobile camera friendly

Linear non-isolated OSRAM OTi DALI window drivers are the perfect choice for professional lighting applications in industry and retail.

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