HubSense wireless ecosystem

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

Based on standard Qualified Bluetooth Mesh (QBM) devices, the HubSense wireless ecosystem provides a flexible toolkit to upgrade industrial lighting.

With the luminaire-integrated sensors QBM D4i LS/PD LowBay R, MidBay R and HighBay R, installations can be made flexible and easily scalable – without any additional wiring or gateway. The new HubSense sensors, supported by DEXAL LED drivers, upgrade the industrial portfolio; all luminaires become smart and offer both comfortable lighting and great energy savings.

These sensors provide motion detection (thanks to PIR sensors) and daylight harvesting, thus reducing energy consumption by up to 90 %!

The wide range of the Inventronics HubSense portfolio sensors allows the user to choose the most suitable product for each application and installation:

QBM D4i LS/PD LB R: fits perfectly on 3 m high ceilings and covers more than 50 m2 with its 130° detection angle
QBM D4i LS/PD MB R: fits perfectly on 7 m high ceilings and covers more than 200 m2
QBM D4i LS/PD HB R: fits perfectly on up to 17 m high ceilings and covers more than 250 m2

Inventronics products can support the innovative illumination of industry buildings, shops and retail outlets, architectural structures, schools, parking garages,… in many ways, helping the customer to implement the most efficient solution for each individual application. 

The LowBay sensor fits perfectly on 3 m high ceilings and covers more than 50 m2 with its 130° detection angle. This is the optimal solution for the energy-saving illumination of parking garages or corridors in smaller warehouses. It ensures that the covered areas are always supplied with the right amount of light – wherever and whenever needed. This wireless technology offers robust connectivity even in facilities with thick concrete walls. The sensors withstand damp environments and, thanks to their very wide detection range, can be placed up to 25 meters apart. In parking garages, this means that installing one sensor-equipped luminaire every 10 cars can already be sufficient for a highly energy-efficient lighting control solution.

Our MidBay sensor can be installed at heights of up to 8 meters, thus covering areas of up to 200 m2. With no need for a central control unit or additional wiring, they enable the cost-efficient refurbishment of warehouse or factory lighting installations by reducing the investment in control infrastructure. With only minimal power consumption, they offer a large coverage range in which the movement of people or forklifts is reliably detected. The light is only switched on when required. Thus, this strong communication network can contribute significantly to reducing energy consumption in state-of-the-art industrial facilities.

Our HighBay sensor can be installed at heights of up to 17 meters, thus covering areas of up to 250 m2. Such device is recommended to control light in the warehouses and thanks to the very precise light control, the daylight harvest secure in the same time both real good illumination and huge energy saving. Easily installable to the high-bay luminaires it has minimal power consumption. Shaping the shield accordingly, it detects the presence only where necessary (i.e. the corridor between the warehouse shelves). Thanks to the strong wireless connection it is possible to have solid communication among the far luminaires so that the full investment is reduced and the payback is short.

The  secure communication between QBM sensors (and other QBM devices) is based on ioXT and PSA certificates.
50,000 hours of working time ensure the extremely high reliability of the sensors in the most adverse environmental conditions (IP65 protection rating).

QBM D4i LS/PD LB R, QBM D4i LS/PD MB R, QBM D4i LS/PD HB R work with OSRAM DEXAL / D4i LED driver.

Few components, easy installation, high savings plus the reduced impact of CO2 on the environment. That’s HubSense!