HubSense R2G mobile app (for Android and iOS)

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

Wireless installations are in even greater demand in the lighting industry today than ever before – thanks to the benefit of reduced configuration and commissioning time, as well as flexibility in the case of layout or lighting task changes. The HubSense solution from Inventronics is simply ideal for cases like this one, providing an easy, reliable and scalable solution to customers who intend to plan, configure and commission advanced wireless solutions simply with a web app and a commissioning app on their smartphone. “I have a simple and recursive installation that requires just a few configuration options and I’m not able to invest in learning a new system (manuals, videos, in-person installer training). How shall I proceed?”

With HubSense R2G (Ready to Go), Inventronics offers a simple solution for just these use cases. HubSense R2G is a basic commissioning smartphone app that allows you to plan, configure and commission mesh devices with one single solution. The user experience and user interface are designed not to require any prior training nor any user manual support: just download the app from your smartphone app store (Play Store or App Store for Android and iOS devices, respectively) and start playing around, discovering new things and adding devices to your Bluetooth Mesh network with a few taps and swipes.

That’s why the experience is so simple:

  • No complex topology: a new project is created by default when launching the app, zones can be added to the same project one by one as needed, each one with its own application profile.
  • Devices are detected automatically when launching the app; during zone creation you can already configure the zone (application profile, task set-up) and, in the same configuration section, select and commission the devices you want to add to this zone.
  • The number of use case profiles proposed to the user has been optimized to make their selection faster and easier: each profile can be changed as desired anyway. The same basic profile configurations as standard HubSense (Manual Control, Presence Detection, Daylight Harvesting with presence detection) are made available to the user to enable greater configuration flexibility.
  • HubSense R2G is compatible with our wireless portfolio of components fulfilling the requirements for Qualified Bluetooth Mesh technology, including batteryless pushbutton devices (via QR code scan).
  • You don’t need any pre-registration to use the app: data is only stored locally, with the option to back it up in your personal cloud storage solution (iDrive for iOS devices, Google Drive for Android devices).

Thanks to the flexibility and easy-to-configure experience of HubSense R2G, you will have your wireless lighting installation ready for use starting from ”Go” in just a few minutes.

The application is currently available in four different languages: English (default), German, French and Italian. The language is auto-detected from the smartphone configuration during the app installation, but can be changed anytime afterwards.

Through HubSense R2G, the configuration of offices, classrooms, corridors and high-bay installations has never been so easy and fast.
Download and use it from here:

Google Store

Apple Store