How can I reprogram an LED driver that is already integrated into a luminaire?

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

Uploading the revised settings or direct programming of the luminaire behavior according to customer requirements, whether in series production or for each individual luminaire, is a must-have in the OEM and project business. The ideal combination is stationary hardware for large volumes and repetitive tasks, plus portable hardware for fast and flexible onsite programming.

Tuner4TRONIC offers all this for OSRAM LED drivers!

Wireless programming of luminaire drivers with an NFC interface, even without applying mains voltage to the driver. The PHR101-USB can be easily connected via a standard USB interface to a PC running the Tuner4TRONIC software.

Highest flexibility and ease-of-use: that’s definitely true for the Tuner4TRONIC Field App. Via smartphone, it is possible to read and program LED drivers during installation, e.g. to upload production files, fine tune settings and profiles or read diagnostic data. The Copy/Paste feature speeds up LED driver replacements. If the smartphone does not have an embedded NFC antenna, the optional pocket NFC scanner is the ideal device to go for.

One fits all – always and everywhere. Welcome to Tuner4TRONIC !