How can I combine linear horticulture LED modules and match them with the correct driver in order to achieve optimal performance and efficiency?

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

Artificial lighting in greenhouses (as supplemental or sole source of light for crops) is a constantly growing market which is particularly demanding in terms of performance, reliability, and efficacy.
Ideally, every crop can be illuminated with the perfect light intensity and spectra, which can vary during the day and the plants’ growth lifecycle. The spectra are created by combining different horticultural LED types. The optimal mix depends on the crop type. It also plays a role if an LED lighting system is the only source of light or used in combination with natural sunlight – and requirements for the optimization of operating costs are of course another key criterion.

The light intensity is  influenced by the above factors, but growing space requirements (i.e. the distance from the crop and the lighting distribution), as well as the time of day must also be taken into consideration. This especially applies to supplemental lighting because the radiation from the sun depends on the time of the day and the weather conditions.

To meet the requirements mentioned above and operate cost efficiently, a luminaire solution must be:

  • optimized with regard to all the relevant aspects. This especially applies to power conversion and control (LED drivers) and lighting generation (LED modules)
  • flexible in terms of lighting control, adapt to different conditions and achieve maximum efficiency in a wide operating window

Inventronics can support horticulture lighting system manufacturers in various ways, helping them to design the most efficient solution for each application.

PLANTA SEED LINEAR, the single-channel (fixed spectrum) LED modules by Inventronics, can satisfy high customer demands with both off-the-shelf and fully customized solutions.

Planta Seed Linear LED modules are  the perfect choice for linear luminaires for top lighting, interlighting and vertical farms. They are available in two standard recipes for sole lighting (with and without Far Red shares) and compatible with SELV and non-isolated applications.

The following standard combinations are available:

  • 4062172356855 Planta Seed PL-LIN-RW 280×20 LV/HV
  • 4062172356879 Planta Seed PL-LIN-RWFR 280×20 LV/HV
  • 4062172356893 Planta Seed PL-LIN-RW 560×20 LV
  • 4062172356916 Planta Seed PL-LIN-RW 560×20 HV
  • 4062172356930 Planta Seed PL-LIN-RWFR 560×20 LV
  • 4062172356954 Planta Seed PL-LIN-RWFR 560×20 HV

In addition to the standard modules, which cover about 80% of the requested light spectra for plants, Inventronics can offer fully customized modules designed according to customer requirements in terms of spectra and light intensity; fully adjustable form factor (design-in for OEM luminaires); LED chip selection and configuration fully matched with the driver selected – for an optimal lifetime and efficiency of the LED modules, as well as an optimal operating window of the driver.
For more details about this service, please contact our support team by e-mail:

The horticulture system solution approach was completed with an LED driver solution that boasts the following characteristics:

  • Cost efficient
  • Dimmable light intensity
  • Highly efficient power-to-light conversion to reduce operation costs
  • Adaptable to various power supply and control systems.

The NEL-XXXS LED driver family (available in 400 W and 600 W) achieves those targets with a non-isolated design which stands out due to the following characteristics: extended operating window, dimming thanks to isolated interfaces 0-10V/10V PWM/Resistor/3-Timer-Mode. The 12 V DC, 250 mA auxiliary ports allow the user to integrate sensors/any other control and supervision solution into the driver without additional power converters.
Its compact metal frame increases the product’s efficiency, improves the overall thermal management, and facilitates its integration into the luminaire frame.
Finally, the low inrush current, input surge protection (DM 4 kV, CM 6 kV) and compatibility with EU and American single- and three-phase power systems make it easier to integrate the LED driver and the luminaire into the growing power supply system of the region.
This driver is compatible with Planta Seed solutions and can support fully customized LED module solutions.