The one-stop-shop backlighting system

Highest-quality signage and backlighting is what we set out to deliver. Read all about the key benefits of working with our new BackLED G5 components.

We launched the fifth generation of our BackLED portfolio and it is more convincing than ever before.

With this addition, we introduced new technological improvements that make your signage and backlighting projects shine even brighter. For even, reliable light in sky lighting, infrastructure, signage or advertising.

Our LED module range with six totally new components contains options of five different fluxes and one Tunable White version. The fact that the Tunable White version is now available with our patented Square Lens technology, plus a lower voltage drop along the LED module chain, significantly improves light uniformity. The Square-Ray Technology will even guarantee you a better depth-to-pitch ratio of up to 1:3.

Plus, with a large selection of correlated color temperatures (CCTs) for each LED module (from 2,700K to 10,000K), you and your clients have a wide choice in light color.

Electrical robustness is key to the longevity of LEDs. So we made an effort to reduce stress on your LEDs during dimming. Our safe-dimming technology increases electrical robustness on heavily dimmed operations. Over time this will mean your LEDs last longer, reducing the need for potentially costly repairs or replacements.

All new BackLED G5 LED modules feature improved efficacy, which is now reaching values of up to 150 lm/W. This means they produce less CO2 while also saving energy, reducing operational and system installation costs for you and your client.

And last but not least, it was the installation process that we wanted to improve even further: OSRAM BackLED G5 modules deliver improved optics for shallower and even more uniform installations. A new set of compatible mounting profiles and cable-tying clips have been designed for easier and quicker installation, making this our most user-friendly BackLED range to date.

We’ve done everything to fine-tune our BackLED G5 LEDs for you. Additionally, they’re designed to work as a perfect system. To find out more about this, write us a message.

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