OTi DALI 30W 24V 1CH – small, but simply great!

With our new OSRAM LED driver OPTOTRONIC intelligent DALI 30W 24V 1CH, we have added a particularly compact device to our extensive family of DALI-certified constant-voltage (CV) LED drivers. Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be perfectly integrated into slim, modern luminaires, narrow light coves or low luminous ceilings. Even installation in circular wall or ceiling luminaires (where drivers with a linear design are usually unsuitable) works perfectly. But despite its compact design, the OTi DALI 30W 24V 1CH has a lot of great features and benefits to offer. Read on and discover the wide range of applications!

Small, but simply great! This is how our new LED driver OPTOTRONIC intelligent DALI 30W 24V 1CH can be described in a nutshell. Despite its relatively simple and compact design, this single-channel, DALI-2-certified device is incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of different applications – for example in hospitality, shop/retail, signage, residential, and architectural lighting. The driver is actually intended for indoor installation – but when installed in a housing with an appropriately high IP rating, it can also be used in exterior areas (e.g. for signage). Add to that an excellent price-performance ratio, and this device is also suitable for projects with high competitive pressures. This makes the OTi DALI 30W 24V 1CH attractive not only to OEMs but also to VARs (value-added resellers), who can use them to create systems which are also suitable for more complex projects.

OPTOTRONIC intelligent DALI 30W 24V 1CH can be installed directly into the luminaire or the light box – or, if the version with the B-style cable clamp is used, it can also be mounted independently outside the luminaire body. The cable clamp covers the electrical connections and therefore also provides protection against accidental contact and thus against electric shock, for example when placed in suspended ceilings.

Using dimming functions (0/1…100 %) to save electricity
These drivers are optimally suited to save electricity costs. This is because, thanks to their DALI-2 certification, they can be combined with DALI-compatible presence sensors, which then enable, for example, the use of the “Corridor Function”.

In corridors or staircases, for example, the light of the connected LED modules is automatically dimmed down to a certain level as soon as the sensors in these areas do not register the presence of people for a longer period of time.  However, as soon as a person enters the area again, the light is immediately switched on again (or “dimmed up”). With OTi DALI 30W 24V 1CH, it is also possible to use the power-saving feature “Daylight Harvesting,” which takes the brightness of the daylight into account to continuously adjust the brightness of the LED luminaires so that the combination of natural and artificial light is sufficient to illuminate the corresponding rooms at all times – right up to switching off the light completely when there is sufficient sunlight or switching it on at 100 % during the night.

Another advantage concerns the interference-free operation of OTi DALI 30W 24V 1CH LED drivers, especially in places like corridors or staircases, but of course not only there. Because, if the cables for the power supply of the drivers are very long, they can act like an antenna. The luminaire operation can then interfere with the wireless signals from smartphones, computers or tablets, for example. Normally, EMI ensures interference-free operation with cable lengths of up to 3 meters. With OSRAM OTi DALI 30W 24V 1CH LED drivers, cable lengths of up to 10 meters are already “EMI-verified” and thus interference-free, which is very advantageous, especially for applications in staircases or long corridors. And there are even more additional benefits: as long as the cable length between the OTi DALI 30W 24V 1CH LED driver and the first connected LED module does not exceed a distance of 10 meters, measurements or interference tests no longer have to be carried out – which of course saves time and money during installation. In addition, this also provides more design and installation freedom, because within 10 meters of the LED driver, you can mount the LED modules wherever you want.

We could of course tell you even more about OTi DALI 30W 24V 1CH. However, describing all features of this driver in detail would surely go beyond the scope here. Therefore, we would rather like to present you the most important other advantages at a glance:

  • Dimming method PWM with a frequency of 3 kHz to avoid flickering and stroboscopic effects
  • Safe Dimming Technology (SDT) inside: maintains the lifetime of the connected LED modules even with frequent dimming operation
  • Power supply possible with both AC and DC current (EL)
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures of up to 50 °C
  • Push-in terminals for quick wiring without tools
  • Certified for emergency lighting
  • Flexible even without DALI: if a DALI system is not to be used, conventional pushbuttons can also be connected (Touch DIM)

OTi DALI 30W 24V 1CH can be easily combined with the following OSRAM products:

  • DALI MCU and PCU
  • LINEARlight and TEC Flex
  • BackLED CP G5 (24V)
  • All DALI systems (for example DALI ECO BT)

Would you like to know more? Find all the technical details of the devices presented here in our product catalogs:

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