More features, more flexibility: OTi DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P LED drivers

Creative and versatile: Significantly expanded scope for sophisticated outdoor lighting concepts

Key facts at a glance
The OSRAM OPTOTRONIC intelligent DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P LED driver from Inventronics comes with an impressive list of performance characteristics. With this multichannel device, we have developed an extremely versatile outdoor LED driver. Compared to most competitive products, this device offers a significant increase in flexibility and performance. Thanks to DT8, for example, RGBW applications now only require one DALI address. And despite recently tightened EMI standards, driver installations with secondary cable lengths of up to 50 meters are still possible – without the need for extensive testing. This opens up your technical scope and design freedom. Several times over, in fact. Ideal for ambitious outdoor lighting projects. For the attractive illumination of facades or municipal parks, for example. Why is this so? Read our blog article and learn more!

Features and benefits

  • Integrated EMI protection: For up to 50 m problem-free secondary cable length
  • DT6/DT8: Significantly fewer DALI addresses required for Tunable White, RGB or RGBW
  • AstroDIM: For outdoor applications without additional central controller
  • Dimming from 0.1-100 %: Light as required
  • With SDT and EL: Safe Dimming Technology and Emergency Lighting – safety by design

OTi DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P with integrated EMI protection
Let’s start with a very important feature that was already present in our predecessor device (OTi DALI 210W 24V 4CH P). And now it is back in the OTi DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P as well: The device was tested and approved for EMI suitability during operation with secondary cable lenghts of up to 50 m. This ensures that there is no electromagnetic interference, even when using very long cables. This has also been implemented because, just recently, the legal requirements for EMI protection have been significantly tightened. The new EMI specifications could no longer be met with the predecessor device (with such long load cables).

With the OTi DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P, thanks to the dedicated work of our developers, we have once again succeeded in meeting or even outperforming these specifications. A major advantage here: With cable lengths of up to 50 m, there is no longer any need to carry out time-consuming measurements on site to determine whether EMI protection is ensured or not. This saves a lot of time, effort and trouble during installation. And, if push comes to shove, even costly rework. But the biggest advantage is: You can place the driver where it is most practical, for example for maintenance. Just rely on the integrated EMI validation in the OTi DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P.

Device Type 6 and Device Type 8 in one device, RGBW with only one DALI address
Here’s another huge advantage of this driver: It can now be operated as both Device Type 6 (DT6) and Device Type 8 (DT8). This is because both operating modes are already integrated in this driver. They can be easily selected during programming via the OSRAM Tuner4TRONIC Software Suite. Operation with DT8 offers a wide range of outstanding advantages.

The most important of these: With DT8, you no longer need all four channels of the driver to have their own DALI address to use an RGBW application, as with DT6. Instead, you now only need one address. For example, a LINEARlight Flex Colormix LED module can be operated with the full color spectrum, including all nuances from fully saturated colors to nice pastel tints, on just one DALI channel. The driver’s improved software ensures that exactly the required light color is selected and emitted by the LED module. Of course, this also applies to RGB or Tunable White applications. Here, too, DT8 requires only one DALI address in each case.

Fewer central DALI control units required thanks to Device Type 8
With DT8, only one DALI address is needed for RGBW instead of four, for RGB only one DALI address instead of three and for TW only one DALI address instead of two. This reduces the number of central control units required (e.g. DALI PRO 2 IoT). Which, in turn, can help you save a lot of money, especially when building larger lighting systems.

DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P also as stand-alone solution with AstroDIM
Whether a central control unit is needed at all also depends on the type of application. And on whether human intervention – for example via pushbuttons or rotary dimmers – is intended or not. In certain application scenarios, especially outdoors, the DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P can also be used as a stand-alone solution with AstroDIM. For example, to make facades or parks particularly attractive through decorative lighting. The keyword here is “City Beautification”.

For this, the drivers only need to be configured with AstroDIM beforehand. They then automatically detect the geographical region in which they are located. And set the right dimming profile for the corresponding time zone and season. Then just connect it, done. With the DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P, this works even without a central DALI controller (such as DALI PRO 2 IoT). And consequently, there is no need to lay DALI cables for this. This means: You save work, time and material.

Constant luminous flux even with changing color temperatures
Another great feature of DT8: The software keeps the luminous flux constant at all times. No matter which color temperature is selected. With DT6 operation, this is only possible through active dimming. Because, with DT6, for example in the Tunable White application, at the exact average value between cool white and warm white, the total luminous flux of the cool white LED and the total luminous flux of the warm white LED are added together. This is because, in order to achieve this mixed value with DT6, the cool white LED and the warm white LED are operated simultaneously at full power. But, when operating with DT8 in exactly the same situation, this value is automatically regulated to 50% for each LED. The advantage? Power savings of up to 50 % can be achieved without additional effort in lighting control, as the intelligence of color mixing is now integrated in the LED driver. It is also no longer necessary to design the driver power for the total output of both light colors, eliminating the oversizing that was previously required.

Extreme flexibility even when dimming
Sometimes you want to dim the lights down to a minimum. In order to save power at certain times of the day or night, for example. Or in order to reduce light pollution in outdoor areas. But you want to do this without switching off the light completely, e. g. for safety reasons. This is made possible by the DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P thanks to its very wide dimming range of 0.1…100 %. You can even connect a very powerful LED module (e. g. with 3000 lm) to this driver – which, if required, can then be operated with only 0.1 % of the power (i. e. at only 3 lm).

Safe Dimming Technology, Emergency Lighting (EL) and more!
Speaking of dimming: The DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P works with the PWM (pulse-width modulation) dimming method. It is true that, in dimming mode, the connected LEDs do not get as hot as under full load and therefore last longer. But dimming can also put a strain on the system, because the LEDs are switched on and off at a very high frequency. This fast switching, however, is not visible to the human eye. Instead, it is perceived as dimmed light. In the DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P, we counteract the stress caused by PWM dimming with our Safe Dimming Technology (SDT). This hardware-based technology ensures that the driver can maintain its long service life even with frequent dimming operation. In this way, this device helps us – and thus also our customers – to actively contribute to the conservation of resources and to greater sustainability.

DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P – the LED driver for sophisticated outdoor projects
The impressive performance range of this exceptional outdoor LED driver is rounded off by its high efficiency (93 %) and its long service life of 50000 hours (at ta = 55 °C, tc = 80 °C and a 10% failure rate at 14 hours of operation and 10 hours of stand-by per day). As well as by its robust design. With its IP66 rating, it offers protection against the ingress of dust as well as against strong jets of water. And, with IP67, protection against temporary immersion in water. Last but not least, the DALI 210W 24V 4CH DT6/DT8 P also impresses with its new EL certification, which ensures emergency lighting operation.

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