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Transforming lighting solutions: OT Wi 24V CA LED driver enhanced with CASAMBI control

In response to the evolving needs of the lighting industry, the OPTOTRONIC Wireless Indoor LED driver family from Inventronics offers a well-thought-out upgrade that now includes a larger CASAMBI product selection. From the previous 80W/24V version, the series has been expanded to include 50-80-160 W / 24V. Thus, it meets the requirements of indoor lighting projects of various sizes, for example in retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, museums, and residential buildings. The OT Wi 24V CA LED driver, equipped with CASAMBI control has been specifically designed to meet the multiple challenges faced by OEMs and project partners.

Increased flexibility: The extended LED driver family now integrates CASAMBI in 50/80/160 W, thus providing a wide range of options to support nuanced lighting solutions. The integration of the OT Wi DIM 5CH CA further enhances versatility, giving professionals more control and customization options.

Wireless control options: CASAMBI, a leading market player in wireless lighting control, comes with enhanced options for professionals, enabling them, for example, to provide remote support and seamlessly control any lighting point within the network. Customizable controls, authorization level management, and app personalization add an extra layer of sophistication.

Thoughtful design for seamless integration: The slim design not only ensures an aesthetic appearance, but also makes it really easy to integrate OT Wi 24V CA into luminaires. Since these top-notch LED drivers are of the same size as established DALI 24V LED drivers, the transition from wired DALI controls to wireless CASAMBI can be made in no time at all.

Different operating modes for different lighting solutions
Independent channel control for managing up to 4 channels or DALI DT8 tunable white emulation for dynamic lighting scenes: These drivers meet a wide range of requirements. The 50W and 80W versions support 2x Tunable White for greater flexibility in color temperature control. For projects requiring vivid color options, the 50W and 80W versions also offer the RGB, RGBW or RGB+W modes. The 160W version provides synchronized channels for coordinated lighting effects in larger spaces. In addition, the Dim to Warm mode is simply ideal for creating a warm ambiance by steplessly adjusting the color temperature during dimming. These modes are perfect for lighting professionals to create solutions tailored to their project needs.

Maximum installation flexibility
For spaces where traditional lamps or luminaires limit LED driver placement, these drivers offer up to 50 meters of cable freedom. In addition, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is tightly tested within specified limits, ensuring reliable and compliant installation in lighting projects.

Commitment to longevity
Since these devices are frequently used for dimming applications, “Safe Dimming Technology” has been implemented. This technology dampens PWM waves on LED modules, thus ensuring the expected system lifetime, minimizing stress on LEDs and providing flicker-free light with no strobe effect (patented PWM management).

Sustainability and efficiency
Thanks to OT Wi 24V CA, excessive numbers of cables are now a thing of the past. This simplifies installation for OEMs and project partners. In addition, these cutting-edge LED drivers improve energy efficiency, enabling savings by precisely dimming the light output down to 0.4%. This commitment to energy optimization not only aligns with sustainable practices but also ensures a more environmentally conscious approach to lighting projects.

A system solution designed for professional use: OT Wi 24V CA LED drivers can be seamlessly combined with LED modules, including Linearlight Flex (W, TW, RGB or RGBW) with Flex accessories, the CASAMBI app, as well as smart wireless switches.

Learn more about our OPTOTRONIC Wireless 24V LED drivers with CASAMBI in our data sheet.

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