Available now: BoxLED XS Core Product 12V G5 expands the product family

Slim LED chains for highly effective sidelighting in flat light boxes

The fifth generation of the BoxLED Core family announced last year has now been joined by another variant, the new BoxLED XS CP 12V G5! With these particularly slim LED chains, we are adding the smallest version (XS) to our product family. They are mainly suitable for sidelighting in slim, elegant light boxes, but can also be used to create decorative wallwashing or wallgrazing effects in a mini format. Each LED chain is equipped with 32 sidelighting modules with three LEDs each. Their narrow beam angle with special lens technology and the increased flux output of up to 120 lm pro modul in product generation 5 create a particularly uniform light pattern that has been specially developed for small lightboxes with sidelighting. The result is a very homogeneous light distribution which ensures that every illuminated advertising motif is shown to its best advantage. BoxLED XS CP 12V G5 with IP66 ingress protection are ideal for outdoor applications and available in the following color temperatures: warm white (3000 K), neutral white (4000 K) and cool white (6000 K).

Would you like to know more about our BoxLED XS CP 12V G5 LED chains? Then take a look in our data sheet!

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