BOTTA Eco Packaging and Inventronics released an interview to demonstrate the benefits of a more sustainable packaging

Working together to communicate the advantages of a sustainable packaging

Inventronics collaborated with BOTTA EcoPackaging for a brief interview showcasing the advantages of a more environmentally friendly option, not only in terms of products but also packaging!

For our LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE we chose their Eco-Tube to replace our old colored, non-recycled cardboard box. The new packaging helped us to achieve:

  • Reduction of logistics and transportation complexity
  • Reduction from 7 different packaging codes to 1
  • Elimination of filling materials
  • Reduction of packaging consumption by 27%
  • Improved costumer awareness about our sustainable choice

All this while ensuring the same quality standards for customers and improving consumer awareness of environmental impact.

Watch the full interview here!

Find out more about LINEARlight Rigid FINESSE and BOTTA EcoPackaging!

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