Easy light management via DALI ECO BT RTC

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

Floor-standing luminaires can provide workspace and area lighting either at the same time or separately from each other due to their independently controllable direct and indirect light output. With the right control unit even Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is possible based on a pre-programmed light curve that replicates the natural course of daylight.

DALI ECO BT RTC (Real Time Clock) from OSRAM controls DALI DT8 drivers whichallow users to control brightness and CCT levels, and store and recall light scenes via push-buttons or simply by using the OSRAM BT Control app on a Bluetooth-capable smartphone. It can operate together with motion, presence, and light sensors. And thanks to its integrated clock, DALI ECO BT RTC enables HCL applications for time-controlled brightness and color temperature adjustment. Time-controlled (on/off) switching and dimming of the lighting are also possible without an HCL application.

Additionally, several DALI ECO BT RTC units can be networked wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection. The so called “Swarm function” enables different control units to communicate wirelessly with each other, so no additional wires are necessary for data transmission.

Tunable White and HCL: versatile control no matter how large the area. Scalability and flexibly in order to implement installations of any size in office buildings and industrial facilities as well as in the health and education sectors.
With DALI ECO BT RTC, functional HCL concepts can be implemented more easily and cost-efficiently than ever before, in both existing and new installations.

For more information check out technical application guide.