DALI Professional IoT

Technical Application Knowledge: From practice, for practice

With the help of the “open API”, it is possible to retrieve data from the DALI PRO controller via REST,
(REST – Representational State Transfer), send commands to the controller, or even transmit system commands.
The concept of the DALI PRO IoT already includes a permanent and secure internet connection.
Since we attach great importance to data security, access is limited to a minimum and is password protected.
Thus, the controllers can be accessed from almost anywhere.

With the innovative DALI Professional System from INVENTRONICS, lighting control has become modern, flexible and future-proof.
With the MQTT interface it is possible to send almost all available data to a local or cloud-based MQTT broker (MQTT – Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).
This broker manages and stores the light data sent and makes it available for other applications.
So-called MQTT clients subscribe to defined information from this broker.
In this way, information can be permanently obtained from one or more DALI PRO controllers.
This can be system data such as serial numbers, system status, error messages, etc., but also details of light groups, light levels, energy consumption, color levels and much more are possible.
Depending on the drivers used, the data depth goes down to the individual LED driver.
By means of dashboards that can be created by the user, commands such as on/off/dim, scene start, motion sensors, and control functions can also be transferred from higher-level IT applications.

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