Sustainability means responsibility towards the customer, employees, shareholders, society and environment. Throughout our value chain we emphasize the careful use of resources, environmental protection, good working conditions, health and safety, compliance with human rights.

Declaration Conformity: Substances in Products

Legal Requirements and Standards for the EU market

Declaration Scope: Products of Inventronics (HANGZHOU) Inc.
Placing on the market of products is subject to specific regional (EU) or national legal requirements. Within the European Union (EU), these legal requirements are defined in EU-Regulations which are directly enforceable in the Member States or in EU-Directives which require a transformation into Member States’ national legal system. Compliance with the applicable legal requirements is obligatory for every party putting products on the EU-Market. Therefore, Inventronics bears responsibility.

Please read here further about the Directives and Regulations that restrict the use of hazardous substances in products and packaging


In order to fulfill our responsibility, we are committed to environmental management practices that conserve resources and to developing innovative, energy-efficient products.

Environmental Management

We have set up a corporate EHS policy in order to integrate environmental issues into the overall management on a corporate-wide level. 

We created the necessary organization for these industry standards and a comprehensive system for environmental management. 

Download here the ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System Document


As an industrial company, we use energy and consume natural resources. In the process, we also emit greenhouse gases and produce waste. Climate protection and the development of a circular economy are therefore important issues for us, too. To this end, we are committed to an energy-efficient and resource-conserving way of doing business and are developing innovative, environmentally friendly products. 

We are pressing ahead with the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy and setting ourselves specific targets: we are committed to the 1.5 degree-target of the Paris Climate Agreement and want to make its own operations carbon-neutral by 2030.

Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs)

In order to assess the environmental performance of our products, life cycle analyses of selected OSRAM product families were conducted, representing different technologies. The method for these analyses was an assessment following principally the international standards ISO 14040 and 14044. 


Our employees and partners are key to our long-term success as a business. Their rights, health and  safety are of high priority for us. Nonetheless, we see ourselves also as being part of society,  which means that our responsibility extends beyond the confines of the Company.

Human Rights and Fair Working Conditions

As a globally active company, the question of compliance with human rights plays a central role in our cooperation with business partners and suppliers as well as in the working conditions of our employees. We fully support the UN Human Rights Charter and actively accept our responsibility by continuously integrating the universality of human rights into our policies, systems and processes.

Health & Safety

We are committed to offering our employees a safe and healthy working environment. Minimizing the risk of occupational illnesses and accidents at work forms part of this.


We would not be able to achieve our sustainable business success without the trust of our stakeholders such as customers, employees, investors, and suppliers. We strengthen this trust by means of transparent and responsible corporate governance.


It is our goal to effectively promote doing business in a legal and ethically sustainable manner. Our Compliance Management System (CMS) builds the fundamental framework to achieve this goal.

The CMS focuses on preventing violations of applicable Anti-Corruption, Antitrust, Data Privacy, Anti-Money Laundering and Export Control regulations through internal policies and training, detecting violations that have occurred, and responding to them with the necessary measures to prevent them in the future (Prevent – Detect – Respond).

Supplier Management

As a global company with an extensive network of suppliers, we have a responsibility for the environment and society all along its supply chain. We take this responsibility seriously, and provide standardized risk analyses, tools, and processes that determine how we select our international partners and how we work with them. We also have internal and external control mechanisms in place. In particular, these enable us to fulfill our duty of care with regard to human rights in the context of conflict minerals.


We stand for a high quality standard, safety and reliability of its products and solutions. At our company, product safety starts with product development, accompanies the procurement and production process, and is an essential aspect for our customers during the product life cycle.​

We regularly have our processes and management systems certified to ISO 9001 and, for automotive customers, also to IATF 16949. In the course of integration, there will be joint certificates in the medium term.​

Download here our ISO 9001 certification.

Sustainability Reporting

In our reports we present the sustainability performance of our company.

We highlight our impact in terms of ecological, economic and social aspects and describe the concepts and measures we have taken. The report is intended to inform our stakeholders – analysts and investors, customers, suppliers, non-governmental organisations, politicians and authorities, our employees and all interested parties – about what we are doing to make our products, solutions and processes and our supply chain even more sustainable.

Environmental product stewardship

Our product environmental program controls new product developments as well as existing products steady adhere to these requirements through strong management and validation of Inventronics suppliers and subcontractors.
We follow a ’no step backwards’ policy when developing new products. Hence, we make it our responsibility to consistently improve the efficacy and life of our products and to further reduce their hazardous contents. This way, we assure a process of continuous improvement.

Conflict Mineral Regulation

Inventronics Declaration Responsible Sourcing of Minerals

Conflict Mineral Reporting template CMRT

Extended Mineral Reporting template EMRT


Inventronics’ mineral oil MOSH/MOAH Statement